Joe Biden’s Part in the Hamas Terror Attack!

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In a scathing assessment of President Joe Biden’s foreign policy, critics point to a series of missteps and failures that have left the United States in a precarious position on the world stage. From the messy withdrawal from Afghanistan to the escalating conflict in the Middle East, Biden’s approach to foreign affairs has raised serious concerns about his competence.

Former President Barack Obama, who supported Biden during the 2020 primary, reportedly warned a fellow Democrat, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to mess things up.” This warning appears prophetic as Biden’s foreign policy decisions have come under intense scrutiny and criticism.

One of the most glaring examples of Biden’s foreign policy failures is the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. The hasty exit led to scenes of horror and death, including the tragic loss of innocent children and American servicemen. The aftermath of the withdrawal left Afghanistan in turmoil and allowed the Taliban to regain control of the country.

Biden’s approach to the Ukraine-Russia conflict has also been heavily criticized, with some experts suggesting that it played a role in Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine. China, meanwhile, has taken advantage of perceived weakness on the part of the United States to assert itself on the world stage.

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of Biden’s foreign policy is his handling of the U.S.-Mexico border crisis. Critics argue that his administration’s lax immigration policies have created a humanitarian crisis and undermined national security.

One of the key issues contributing to Biden’s foreign policy woes is his choice of advisors and appointees. Critics argue that his foreign policy team is filled with individuals who prioritize personal gain over national interest. A recent Pentagon probe into a Biden appointee’s relationship with Iranian officials raised concerns about conflicts of interest.

Despite campaign promises of a return to “normal” foreign policy, Biden’s tenure has been marked by increased instability in the Middle East. The recent violence carried out by Iran-backed Hamas terrorists against Israelis is seen as a major foreign policy failure. Biden’s team appeared unprepared for the attacks and called for restraint from both sides, drawing criticism for equating terrorists with their victims.

Biden’s strained relationship with Saudi Arabia has also hindered efforts to promote peace in the Middle East. His reluctance to engage with Saudi leaders and his decision to pause arms sales to the country have strained the U.S.-Saudi alliance. Additionally, his administration’s efforts to negotiate a new nuclear deal with Iran, despite Saudi and Israeli objections, have raised concerns about the empowerment of both Iran and Russia.

While Biden pursues diplomacy with Iran, the country has continued to enrich uranium, coming dangerously close to weapons-grade levels. The release of $6 billion in frozen funds to Iran, part of a prisoner swap deal, has raised concerns that the money could be used to fund terrorism. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s declaration of “victory” after a recent terror attack in Israel further complicates the situation.

Biden’s decision to revoke the terrorist designation of the Iran-backed Houthi group and withdraw support for Yemen’s government has also strengthened Iran’s position in the region. These actions have far-reaching implications, especially given Yemen’s proximity to a key U.S. naval base in Africa.

Furthermore, Biden’s approach to Israel has been met with criticism. He has been cool towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and restored funding to Palestine, despite concerns that the aid could end up supporting Hamas. U.S. military equipment left behind in Afghanistan, including advanced weaponry, is believed to have fallen into the hands of hostile actors, potentially further destabilizing the region.

Here is some of what has reportedly fallen in the Taliban’s lap:

  • 208 aircraft, including UH-60 Black Hawks and M-17 helicopters, between 2003 and 2016
  • 61,000 military vehicles of all types, including more than 2,000 armored vehicles and Mine-Resistant, Ambush- Protected (MRAP) vehicles
  • 258,000 rifles, including M-16s and AK-47s
  • 56,000 machine guns
  • 31,000 rocket-propelled and handheld grenade launchers
  • 18,000 “gravity” bombs
  • 16,000 aviation rockets
  • 1,845 D-30 mortar systems with more than a million mortar rounds
  • 224 D-130 howitzer artillery guns 30 million rounds of ammunition 17,400 night-vision devices
  • 95 small drones
  • body armor
  • biometric security equipment

In the face of mounting disasters in the Middle East, Biden has made some attempts to reverse course and engage with key allies. However, it may be too late to salvage the historic deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia that was in the works during the Trump administration.

The violence and chaos in the Middle East cannot be viewed in isolation but must be considered in the context of the United States’ shifting relationships with its allies and its willingness to engage with Iran. Critics argue that Biden’s foreign policy decisions have weakened America’s position on the world stage and put both the U.S. and its allies at risk.

In the words of one critic, “We can’t say we weren’t warned.” Biden’s foreign policy failures serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of incompetence and indecision in the realm of international affairs.

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3 Replies to “Joe Biden’s Part in the Hamas Terror Attack!

  1. THIS is why DemonRats are ALWAYS spewing ‘democracy’. Because with so-called ‘democracy’, it’s all ‘MOB RULES’!
    So, when the DemonRats cry, ‘Trump is trying to destroy our (‘our’, meaning the DemonRats ‘MOB RULES”) ‘democracy!’……they ARE CORRECT! So-called ‘democracy’ (aka MOB RULES) is PURE EVIL! Whoever is in power (DemonRats) gets to DICTATE what ‘is’ and what ‘is not’……THAT is a ‘democracy’!
    Under a Constitutional Republic, ‘they’ HAVE TO FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION (aka THE LAW!); if they don’t, THEY are BREAKING THE LAW!
    DemonRats want to DESTROY Our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and REPLACE it with a (MOB RULES) ‘democracy’!

    Hey, AMERICA…….how are you LIKING ‘DEMOCRACY’????
    20 million illegal entered into the country under this pissant clowns admin…THEY ARE HERE! Watch your six…they are on their way to you

  2. From what I ‘ve seen and heard on tv I believe that all that has happened since before Biden became America’s leader has been planned by the Democratic party or someone above them that We the People don’t about yet. I do know that I don’t LIKE the direction that we are going, and I pray that the UNCORRUPT part of our government will save our Country, Government, Constitution, and our FREEDOM before WHO EVER THIS ENEMY IS THAT IS TRYING TO DESTROY AMERICA AS WE KNOW AND LOVE IT.

  3. He and his Twin – Obama the Islamic ring leader knew exactly what they were doing and BLOOD Covers them from the tops of their heads to the souls of their feet and its not Cleansing blood its the blood of innocent babies, children and all ages of innocent people who did nothing to them.
    I pray that these two Blood clowns are also BUTT Dust when Israel and God get through with them. It would be one thing to repent, turn and find Christ but Demons dont want Christ, they want more blood and more angst

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