Joe Biden Pokes and Prods the Populace! When Will it Break?

Joe Biden prods the United States

This is a breakdown of the original, thought-provoking article published at American Thinker

In an age overshadowed by deep divisions and growing apprehension about the erosion of constitutional rights, a significant portion of Americans expresses concerns over the potential for internal strife reminiscent of a civil war. The current Biden administration has faced criticism for its assertive approach toward certain constitutional rights, most notably the First and Second Amendments.

The Second Amendment, traditionally seen as a safeguard against oppressive governments, has become a contentious issue during Biden’s presidency. Critics argue that a government seeking to control its citizens would inevitably attempt to disarm them, thereby leaving them vulnerable and defenseless. This historical perspective has fueled suspicions that the government’s actions may be aimed at weakening the public’s ability to resist potential abuses of power.

Analogies to historical figures like Hitler and Lenin, who exploited divisions within their societies to consolidate authority and disarm their populations, have been drawn by some. Detractors claim that, like these past leaders, Biden and his allies are fomenting discord between those who wish to uphold American values and those advocating for significant societal changes. They contend that certain incidents of lawlessness and gun violence are being used to justify emergency powers and infringe on Second Amendment rights.

Critics also voice concerns about the rising prevalence of censorship and propaganda, which they attribute to the Biden administration’s close association with major tech companies. They accuse the Democratic party of collaborating with these corporations to stifle free speech and silence dissenting opinions, further exacerbating divisions within the country.

As we observe how other nations respond to challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, some Americans fear that similar tendencies towards authoritarianism may emerge within certain factions of the Democratic party. This apprehension adds to the uncertainty surrounding the nation’s future unity.

In the face of these uncertainties, many individuals and families find themselves deeply committed to defending liberty, upholding constitutional principles, and preserving the ideals for which their ancestors fought and sacrificed. As the political landscape becomes increasingly polarized, the prospect of emulating the bravery of past generations in defending cherished values looms both daunting and honorable. The future of this once-great nation remains uncertain, and the path forward is riddled with challenges that call for thoughtful consideration and engagement.

The fact that Biden routinely ignores reporters is a small indicator that it is by design:

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