Joe Biden Makes a Series of Insane Claims in a Speech!

joe biden with pants on fire

In a rare late-night appearance on Thursday, President Joe Biden attended the 46th Annual Gala for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, an event that shed light on some of his often-criticized public speaking mishaps. As he began his address, it became evident why the president rarely ventures into evening events. In a humorous twist, he repeatedly fumbled his own insult aimed at “MAGA Republicans,” inadvertently referring to them as “mega” Republicans instead. However, it wasn’t just the president’s verbal missteps that garnered attention; it was the series of controversial claims he made during his speech.

One of Biden’s notable claims pertained to the federal deficit. He boasted about reducing the deficit, likening it to a gambling addict losing their house and celebrating not having to pay the mortgage anymore. Currently, the United States government is on track to accumulate a staggering $2 trillion deficit for the current year. This figure would have been even higher if not for some minimal spending freezes imposed by Republicans during the last budgetary standoff.

While it’s true that deficits have technically fallen from their peak during Biden’s administration, it’s essential to note that the president significantly contributed to the ballooning deficit in 2021 with the passage of the infrastructure bill and the American Rescue Act. Both bills have been sources of controversy and have incurred substantial costs. Just a short while ago, a $1 trillion deficit was deemed historically high. Biden’s attempt to take credit for “lowering” the deficit to $2 trillion raised eyebrows among critics.

Biden also made a claim about “beating” Big Pharma, which, while not the most egregious falsehood in his speech, is still contentious. Under Biden’s leadership, the federal government has disbursed substantial sums to pharmaceutical companies for COVID-19 vaccines. This financial support extends beyond vaccines to include funding for therapeutics, tests, and masks. Biden’s actions have led to unprecedented profits for the pharmaceutical industry, making it difficult to accept his assertion that he has “beaten” Big Pharma.

However, the most astonishing statement from the president came when he addressed the southern border crisis. Critics were left dumbfounded by his assertions, questioning how someone could fabricate falsehoods so brazenly. Biden claimed that Republicans had actively “gutted” the immigration system, a statement that lacked any factual basis. There was no legislative action by Republicans to dismantle the immigration system, and former President Donald Trump did not systematically dismantle enforcement mechanisms during his tenure.

Furthermore, Biden contended that Republicans were “continuing to undermine border security today,” a claim that seemed out of touch with reality. In contrast to his assertions, Republicans had repeatedly called for increased spending on border enforcement measures, while the Biden administration faced criticism for its perceived leniency in handling border security, leading to a surge in illegal border crossings.

It is crucial to acknowledge that the ongoing border crisis has occurred under President Biden’s watch, and this fact is undeniable. To suggest otherwise defies logic and the prevailing facts. Critics have not been shy in their assessments of Biden’s statements, with some going as far as to label him a “sociopath” for his ability to make such statements without displaying any apparent shame.

In conclusion, President Biden’s late-night appearance at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Gala was marked by a series of controversial statements that raised eyebrows and invited scrutiny. From his claims about reducing the deficit to his assertions regarding Big Pharma and the southern border crisis, Biden’s speech ignited debates and criticism. The president’s statements will undoubtedly remain a topic of discussion in the political arena.

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  1. What an IDIOT he thinks we are DUMB or do not understand his policies I am a Latino DEMOCRAT but the USA is FIRST in my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This evil, lying,senile,old,frail,puppet,fool is so full of crap, he wouldn’t know the truth, if it smacked him in the face.He lies so much, he believes his own bullshit. This clown is nothing but a laughing stock,in america,and around the world. He needs to kicked to the curb, for his corruption, and total incompetence.

  3. He is a pathological liar plus a crook my opinion he never had a real job the border is a mess he living in he real world. I cannot even pay my bills I am retired 78 years old and still have to work unfortunately my income left when he attacked fossil fuels he is a total moron.Tell stupid idiot to go shopping sometime see how prices have increased since he took over I was doing very good until the moron stoked the election my opinion


  5. People who say they are Democrats, need to look around them at the real world, not the one the mainstream media talks about, but the one we live in. Democrats are destroying this country. Anybody who can’t see that is mentally challenged or part of the problem.

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