John Kerry Says: ‘It’s Time for U.S. Farmers To Go Extinct’…

John Kerry

Kerry’s Questionable Stance on Agriculture Sparks Fears of Globalist Agendas

John Kerry, known for his dramatic claims, recently targeted the world’s agricultural sector, stating that it contributes between 26 to 33 percent of global emissions. His remarks at the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate have stirred concerns among many, with critics arguing that such statements could be a move toward globalist population control agendas by shrinking the world’s food supply.

Kerry, who in 2021 dramatically warned of humanity having only “nine years left” to avoid a catastrophic climate event, seems to be on a relentless mission to impose his beliefs, some say without considering the broader ramifications. Many see his aggressive stance on agriculture not as genuine concern but as a strategic move to forward the World Economic Forum’s blueprint, which critics argue may jeopardize global food production.

His alignment with the goals of the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) only deepens suspicions. Amidst a world grappling with malnutrition, Kerry’s emphasis on drastically changing agricultural practices based on alleged emission percentages without a clear, realistic plan for sustenance rings alarm bells for many.

While he calls for a reshaping of food production to cut emissions, skeptics worry about the consequences of such a significant shift on food availability. They argue that rather than offering concrete solutions, Kerry’s approach feels like a hasty reaction that doesn’t factor in the world’s growing population and food demands.

Joe Biden’s ambitious goals to combat climate change also come under scrutiny, especially when one considers the potential adverse effects on the agriculture sector. The focus on reducing methane, with agriculture being a leading contributor, might lead to unforeseen challenges in food production.

The Trudeau government’s approach in Canada and the moves in the Netherlands have also garnered criticism. There is a growing concern that these seemingly beneficial initiatives might, in fact, be setting the stage for reducing global food production capacity. Such moves could arguably serve a more sinister globalist agenda, taking power and control away from individual nations and their citizens.

Furthermore, Kerry’s alliance with Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture, known for his controversial stances and policies, hasn’t instilled confidence among the critics. GOP members have already vocalized their concerns, stating that Kerry’s comments dismiss the hard work of sustainable farmers worldwide.

Many believe that the world needs a balanced, well-thought-out approach to tackle climate change without compromising the food security of billions. Kerry’s recent statements and affiliations, however, have left many doubtful of his intentions and fearful of a future with restricted food sources under the guise of combating climate change.

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10 Replies to “John Kerry Says: ‘It’s Time for U.S. Farmers To Go Extinct’…

  1. He takes this stance against agriculture but sees no problem with the emissions from his private plane that he takes to all of the climate conferences. Bet he likes his steak and other foods that are grown by farmers and wouldn’t be willing to give them up.

  2. Kerry is all wet. He has not been the same since his Fast Boat days. Since he obtained all the money from his wife, he has gone crazy like he knows what is best for the US and its people. he does not know anymore than the average person in the US today

  3. John Kerry is a loser who has lived off of his wife and HER radical ideas. Please stop quoting this clown. He might shut up if he has no soap box.

  4. It’s time for the people to stand up and say “NO”. We cannot let these idiots destroy our food supply and our country with their “World Dominance” philosophy. It is up to the people to resist these crazies anyway possible. They want to cut the population and know they won’t be the victims because they are billionaires. It’s us little folks that will be the first to go.

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