Is AI Technology Turning Earth into a Digital Prison with No Escape?

global surveillance

It’s no secret that the entire planet is under constant surveillance, and advanced artificial intelligence solutions make it possible for those watching to find anything they want in just minutes. The global surveillance prison is being constructed with the help of AI systems that can locate individuals using facial recognition and track their movements in real time. We call it a prison because, in the wrong hands, the entire planet could easily become one.

One such AI company aiding this process, Synthetaic, has developed a system that can find anything you want anywhere in the world. This technology has caught the attention of big government intelligence agencies, and there is a concern that in the wrong hands, it could be used to enforce tyranny on a scale never seen before.

To make matters worse, big tech companies are always searching for new ways to extract even more personal information from users. For example, Facebook recently rolled out a new “Link History” setting that creates a special repository of all the links users click on in the Facebook mobile app.

In addition to online surveillance, there is also an increasing number of surveillance cameras powered by AI technology that can recognize individuals’ faces quickly and track them across the city.

Moreover, most new vehicles are systematically collecting information about drivers and passengers, and their personal information may be sold to multiple companies.

As the surveillance prison becomes more intrusive, it is important to consider where this is all ultimately going. With the rise of AI surveillance tools and the potential for abuse, it is crucial to be aware of the implications of these technologies and how they may impact our privacy and freedom.

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