Irate Family Calls Police on Biden’s EV Road Trip Foul Up…

Jennifer Granholm getting arrested

Granholm’s Electric Vehicle Tour Reveals the Winding Road Ahead for Green Energy

The featured image above is an AI rendering of Jennifer Granholm getting arrested. It is for entertainment purposes only but the story is quite real… check it out…

In a bid to emphasize the Biden administration’s commitment to clean energy and the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) market, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm embarked on a meticulously planned four-day EV tour from North Carolina to Tennessee. However, the trip, which was designed to be a shining beacon of the White House’s green energy initiatives, revealed several chinks in the nation’s EV infrastructure armor.

“We embarked on this journey to showcase the advances in electric vehicles and the steps we’re taking to support them. But, like every road trip, you can expect a few bumps along the way,” said Granholm during one of her tour stops.

Indeed, those “bumps” were felt most acutely outside Augusta, Georgia. In a scene that seemed ripped from a movie, a gas-powered car from Granholm’s convoy ended up blocking an essential EV charging station. The decision led to a tense standoff with a local family who urgently needed the spot to charge their electric vehicle.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Sarah Martinez, the mother from the family that got boxed out. “Here we are, trying to support the green initiative by driving an electric car, and we’re blocked out by a gasoline vehicle on a sweltering day, with our baby in the car, no less!”

The Martinez family was so frustrated by the situation that they felt compelled to call the police. While officers from the sheriff’s office responded to the scene, their hands were tied; in Georgia, it’s not illegal for a non-EV to occupy a charging spot.

Camila Domonoske, the NPR journalist who tagged along with Granholm, recounted the episode in her piece: “That did not go down well: a regular gas-powered car blocking the only free spot for a charger?” she wrote, emphasizing the palpable tension of the situation. Domonoske, herself an electric vehicle driver, expressed sympathy, noting, “I understand how it feels when you’re on a ticking timer and every charging spot matters.”

However, this wasn’t the sole hiccup in the tour. Domonoske highlighted another incident in Grovetown, Georgia, where a charger with a dead screen left them stranded, and in Tennessee, a faulty component caused a painfully slow charging experience.

Despite the challenges, the Biden administration remains undeterred. The Energy Department released a statement post-tour, emphasizing their awareness and commitment: “For over a decade, while our global competitors geared up for the clean energy transition, America lagged behind. Now, we’re not only catching up but aiming to lead.”

The statement further highlighted the administration’s ambition: “With President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, we have over $7 billion to create a more convenient and reliable EV charging infrastructure.”

Yet, the tour underlined a salient point: there’s still much ground to cover to make the EV dream an everyday American reality. As Granholm herself quipped during the tour, “We’ve got miles to go before we sleep, both literally and figuratively.”

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  1. With an electrical grid being the weakest and most vulnerable element of this country’s infrastructure, what good are electric vehicles when the grid goes down?

    1. Exactly! This piece of work energy Secretary is a primary example of how the Democratic Party skews things. EVs and the infrastructure needed to support them have many many years to go before perfected.,

  2. Modern day hippies with the electric cars that will all catch on fire showing the Devine comedy that even Satan can’t stand the lunatics destroying the world

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