Hunter Biden Filmed Himself Smoking Crack, Speeding at 172mph on Journey to Vegas

Hunter Biden

Shocking images have recently surfaced from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, shedding light on his controversial past. According to thousands of newly uploaded photos, the son of President Joe Biden can be seen engaging in concerning behavior. In one instance, Hunter Biden was allegedly filmed smoking crack behind the wheel of a car in 2018. The incident reportedly took place in Arlington, Virginia, where he was seen driving through a residential neighborhood on June 12 of that year. The photos, made public by the nonprofit firm Marco Polo, headed by former Donald Trump aide Garrett Ziegler, reveal Biden with what appears to be a crack pipe.

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Not long after this incident, another photograph was taken, depicting Hunter Biden’s need for speed. On August 1, 2018, he captured an image of his Porsche’s dashboard, indicating that he was driving at a staggering speed of at least 172mph. These pictures were also found on Biden’s infamous laptop, which contained other intriguing content, including messages to multiple women eagerly awaiting his arrival in Las Vegas for a hot tub party, as reported by The Daily Mail.

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One woman named “Cheryl” messaged him, expressing her desire to wear a cute bathing suit to the party but lacking the funds to purchase one. Her message hinted at the possibility of attending the party naked. Meanwhile, another woman expressed her concern about the number of girls present at the Vegas gathering and suggested that Biden take things one step at a time.

It seems that the Vegas party took place during a period of excessive indulgence for Hunter Biden, as revealed in a January 2019 conversation with a sex worker. This conversation, which was accidentally recorded when he forgot to turn off his laptop camera after their encounter, indicated his involvement in a prolonged bender.

The aforementioned incidents involving reckless driving and drug use were not the only instances where Hunter Biden demonstrated a disregard for traffic and safety laws. His memoir, “Beautiful Things,” published in 2021, recounts another dangerous incident. In October 2016, while under the influence of drugs, he admitted to nodding off behind the wheel on a highway outside Palm Springs, California. He woke up to find himself airborne, with his car jumping a soft curb and soaring at a speed of 80 miles per hour before landing in the emergency lane.

Although Hunter Biden has since overcome his addiction, the repercussions of his past drug use and the content on his laptop continue to haunt him. He is currently facing a civil lawsuit from Delaware computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac, who accuses Biden of defamation. Isaac alleges that Biden falsely claimed the laptop was not his and instead insinuated that it was stolen or hacked.

Furthermore, Biden has agreed to plead guilty to federal tax and firearms charges following a lengthy investigation by US attorney for Delaware David Weiss into his tax affairs. These legal issues add to the ongoing challenges faced by the president’s son, further complicating his personal and public life.

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