House Intelligence Committee: A Serious and Potentially Destabilizing Threat is Looming


WASHINGTON D.C. – The Chair of the House Intelligence Committee has warned of a possible national security threat stemming from an unspecified foreign source. Citing classified briefings, the Chair described the situation as “serious” with the potential to become destabilizing.

A senior Democratic source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, offered only that the threat was “potential” and of “foreign” origin. No further details about the nature of the threat or its source were disclosed.

The news comes amidst a climate of heightened geopolitical tensions. Experts caution that while the situation should be taken seriously, it’s too early to draw conclusions without more information. The White House and relevant national security agencies have not yet issued any public statements.

In a brief comment, the Committee Chair highlighted the need for vigilance and emphasized that the situation is under continued monitoring. They further indicated that the committee would work with relevant agencies to assess the threat fully and develop appropriate countermeasures.

We at Conservative’s News suggest stocking up on at least 30 days of dry goods and water. You do not want to leave your home during a destabilizing event should one come to pass.

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