Here’s the Evidence Against Joe Biden for Impeachment

Joe Biden storm is brewing

Impeachment Inquiry into President Joe Biden Initiated Over Allegations of Family Business Dealings

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced the House of Representatives’ decision to initiate an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden based on a bevy of evidence. This inquiry, unprecedented in its nature and implications, is driven by a series of allegations centered around Biden’s family’s foreign business operations.


The accusations trace back to an exhaustive investigation led by the House Oversight Committee. The Committee’s findings suggest that President Biden might have been dishonest with the American public regarding the extent of his knowledge and involvement in his family’s foreign business endeavors.

The Core Allegations

  1. Misrepresentation of Involvement: Central to the allegations is the assertion that Biden may have been in direct communication with family members about their overseas business deals, contrary to his public statements. Biden’s stance, particularly during his 2019 presidential campaign, was that he remained uninvolved and uninformed about such matters. However, evidence indicates that he may have had discussions on at least 16 separate occasions.
  2. Financial Transactions: Financial records reveal that nearly $20 million was directed towards the Biden family through various shell companies. These transactions reportedly involve business ventures in countries like Romania and China, raising questions about the nature and purpose of these dealings.
  3. Suspicious Financial Activities: Compounding the controversy, the Treasury Department flagged more than 150 transactions associated with the Biden family as potentially suspicious, a revelation first brought to light by CBS News in April 2022.
  4. Bribery Claims: An FBI informant has made a grave accusation that both President Biden and his son, Hunter, received bribes of up to $5 million each.
  5. Email Revelations: Further muddying the waters are the revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop, which suggest that Biden, while serving as Vice President, might have used personal email accounts to share government information. This raises concerns about potential security breaches and conflicts of interest.
  6. Favoritism and Special Treatment: Speaker McCarthy also intimated that the Biden family could have received preferential treatment from governmental institutions during related investigations.

Leadership and Way Forward

Taking charge of this high-profile impeachment inquiry will be House Oversight Chairman James Comer, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith. Speaker McCarthy emphasized the importance of transparency throughout the process, urging full cooperation from President Biden and his administrative team.

While these are allegations at this point, they come backed by a series of past statements from President Biden that seem to be in direct contradiction with the emerging evidence. Statements from as early as August 2019 have the President asserting a clear separation from his family’s business dealings. Contradictorily, testimonies from close associates, like Devon Archer, suggest the President’s possible involvement.

Implications and Public Perception

As the United States finds itself in uncharted waters with this impeachment inquiry, the implications for President Biden’s administration, his political allies, and the Democratic Party at large could be monumental. A transparent and unbiased investigation will be paramount to ensure public trust in the proceedings.

While it remains to be seen how the inquiry unfolds and what its outcomes might be, one thing is clear: the American political landscape is bracing itself for significant upheaval. The American public remains both concerned and divided, awaiting answers on their President’s role and the extent of his involvement in these alleged business dealings in the face of massive evidence.

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