Here We Go Again: Election Day Chaos Sparks Suspicion Over Uncanny Voting Glitches

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Amidst Red Wave in Kentucky, Gas Leak Incident and Voting Machine Glitch in Pennsylvania Stir Controversy

Philadelphia, November 7, 2023 – The recent elections in Pennsylvania and Kentucky have been clouded by technical issues and suspicious incidents, triggering a flurry of conspiracy theories and doubts about the integrity of the electoral process. In Pennsylvania, a technical glitch in voting machines affected the Superior Court Judge retention race, while in Kentucky, a gas leak at a Louisville polling station has raised eyebrows, particularly in light of the state’s election results.

The glitch in Pennsylvania’s Northampton County involved an error in the voting machines, where votes for Judges Jack Panella and Victor P. Stabile were incorrectly swapped. This malfunction, confined to the retention race, posed serious concerns about the reliability and security of electronic voting systems in high-stakes judicial elections.

In Kentucky, the situation took a more controversial turn. Amidst a strong Republican showing in the state, where the GOP secured victories in all major races except the governor’s seat, a gas leak at the Highland Baptist Church polling station in Louisville led to a temporary closure and an extension of voting hours. This incident, coinciding with Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear’s reelection, fueled speculation and conspiracy theories on social media. Critics questioned the reality of the gas leak and insinuated that the extended voting hours were a deliberate move to influence the election outcome in favor of the Democratic governor.

However, Louisville Gas & Electric confirmed the gas leak, caused by a stove in the church, as legitimate. The gas levels were found to be non-hazardous, and the issue was promptly resolved. Erran Huber of the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office emphasized the incident’s authenticity, dismissing any claims of election manipulation as baseless.

Despite these assurances, the contrast between the statewide Republican victories and Beshear’s win as a Democrat has intensified suspicions. The anomaly of a ‘blue’ win in a ‘red’ wave has led to further scrutiny and skepticism, particularly among those who already distrust the electoral system.

Moreover, Huber noted that only one additional voter cast a ballot during the extended voting period in the affected polling stations, challenging the notion that the extra time significantly influenced the election’s outcome.

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2 Replies to “Here We Go Again: Election Day Chaos Sparks Suspicion Over Uncanny Voting Glitches

  1. Lottery machines across the country are above any suspicions of potential tampering. DMV licensing systems are above reproach. The reason voting machines are so unreliable and so prone to tampering is that both political parties want them to be, because both parties want to be able to manipulate them depending on locations and candidates running. In this country, with our technology there is absolutely no reason not to have reliable and trustworthy voting machines–except the politicians don’t want that!

  2. Nothing ever changes. democrats have always cheated and they’re not going to stop now. They find new ways and make sure to have people in place to stop any investigations.

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