Fugitive Hunter Biden Sneaks into the White House on Marine One

Hunter sneaks into the White House

Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, has been accused of surreptitiously entering the White House. This incident was brought to light by Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy, who reported seeing Hunter disembarking from Marine One on Tuesday. Notably, Hunter was not listed among the official passengers returning with the President from Delaware.

According to the White House’s initial statement, the President was accompanied by Deputy Chief of Staff Jen O’Malley Dillon, Oval Office Operations Director Annie Tomasini, and Anthony Bernal, senior adviser to First Lady Jill Biden, when Marine One departed at 9:50 a.m. ET. However, Hunter Biden’s name was conspicuously absent from this list.

The helicopter landed at the White House at 10:41 a.m. ET. The President’s brief stop there was part of his schedule en route to the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, where he was set to pay homage to the first female Justice of the high court.

Jacqui Heinrich, a colleague of Doocy, commented on the situation: “We were all watching the first family’s return from Delaware on Marine One, and my colleague Peter Doocy noticed someone hop off the chopper who was not on the passenger list the White House gave us, Hunter Biden.”

The presence of Hunter at the White House has raised eyebrows, especially in light of his recent defiance of a congressional subpoena and pending legal challenges. He is currently facing a maximum of 17 years imprisonment for financial crimes and an additional 25 years for gun charges.

Conservative political consultant Chuck Callesto took to social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to share this news, captioning it, “Biden busted trying to SNEAK HUNTER into DC on Marine One transport.”

This incident adds to a series of controversies surrounding the President’s son, which have become a focal point for House Republicans. They have been leveraging Hunter’s foreign business dealings in their efforts to initiate an impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Additionally, the House GOP has subpoenaed Hunter, demanding his appearance for closed-door testimony, a request he has rebuffed, offering instead to testify at a public hearing.

Hunter is currently facing nine federal tax-related charges and three federal gun charges. Jen Psaki, President Biden’s former press secretary, recently voiced concerns over the potential PR repercussions for the President, stating on Meet the Press: “Please, Hunter Biden. We know your dad loves you. Please stop talking in public.”

Following Doocy’s report, the House GOP was quick to publicize the incident, sharing a clip of the Fox News segment on X, and raising questions about other instances where Hunter may have been omitted from official records.

The White House, when contacted by Newsweek for a comment, has not yet responded to these allegations. This ongoing saga continues to unfold, casting a shadow on the Biden administration amidst escalating political tensions.

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