Exposed: Secret Plans for False Flag Attack to Spark World War 3…

false flag attack

Military wires from Russian, German, and Italian cables are indicating that NATO and the U.S. CIA are allegedly planning a false flag event in either the Black Sea or the Mediterranean Sea. Their purported plan involves sinking a U.S. naval ship, causing harm to American soldiers, and then attributing the attack to Russia or Muslim nations. The alleged aim of this false flag event is to instigate World War 3 and potentially lead to nuclear conflicts.

At present, sources referred to as “white hats” claim they have activated media contacts within the U.S., Europe, and Russia to expose these planned deep-state false flag operations. They anticipate key figures such as Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, various Russian media outlets, EU white hat media, and several conservative news sources worldwide to report on NATO’s alleged plans for these false flag operations.

It’s emphasized that the deep state is purportedly nearing the endgame by resorting to various strategies:

  1. Halting U.S. elections
  2. Instigating civil war
  3. Provoking World War 3
  4. Introducing another pandemic or virus
  5. Using an alien invasion narrative
  6. Engaging in cyber attacks leading to blackouts
  7. Orchestrating a controlled electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack and blaming it on natural causes like solar activity.

As the truth regarding these plans is brought closer to exposure, it’s suggested that the information may appear increasingly unbelievable, particularly to those who are not actively following these developments. The claim is that the CIA understands this aspect about the truth, which could discredit itself due to its incredibility.

The audience is encouraged to share information regarding the alleged planned false flag operations by NATO and the U.S. to sink a U.S. ship and falsely implicate Russia in order to rouse public support for war. The belief is that the more this information is disseminated, the more likely the deep state will purportedly abort their planned false flag operation.

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  1. I wouldn’t put it past the deep state. They put biden in as a puppet so they could easily further there plans of a takeover. End game is world domination. george soros and bill gates are a big part of it.

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