Exclusive Video — Trump Bashes ‘Mobsters’ in Biden ‘Crime Family,’ Praises Judge for Blocking Hunter Biden’s ‘Beyond Sweetheart’ Plea Deal

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BEDMINSTER, New Jersey — Former President Donald Trump, in an exclusive on-camera interview with Breitbart News last Thursday, praised Delaware Judge Maryellen Noreika’s rejection of a plea deal for Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son. Trump referred to the deal as “beyond sweetheart” and accused the Biden family of being “mobsters.”

During the hour-long interview, Trump expressed his displeasure with the plea deal that prosecutors had offered Hunter Biden. He claimed the deal was lenient compared to the harsh treatment others have received for similar offenses. “They gave him a traffic ticket for which other people suffered greatly, many other people with the same kind of thing,” Trump said, highlighting his belief that the judge was unhappy with the deal as well.

Judge Maryellen Noreika, who was appointed by Trump in 2017 with the backing of Delaware’s Democratic U.S. Senators, found herself at the center of a significant legal proceeding overseeing federal charges against Hunter Biden related to tax issues and firearm problems. During court proceedings, Noreika scrutinized the plea deal and ultimately led to Hunter Biden pleading not guilty.

Prosecutors admitted that the proposed deal was unprecedented, a fact that Trump seized upon during the interview, stating, “That speaks for itself that they actually admitted there’s never been a deal like this one before. Yeah, I mean, sweetheart—it’s beyond sweetheart.”

Trump also reacted to the release of an FBI document by Sen. Chuck Grassley, alleging that both Joe and Hunter Biden received $5 million bribes during Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President under President Barack Obama. Trump condemned the alleged corruption, describing the Biden family as a “crime family” and comparing them to “mobsters.”

When asked about potential actions he would take against the Bidens if he were to win the next year’s election, Trump said it was too early to specify but stressed that something must be done. He insinuated that the Biden administration’s favorable stance towards Ukraine and China could be influenced by the financial gains the Bidens have made from those countries.

“I probably shouldn’t talk about that now. It’s a little early,” Trump said. “But you can’t allow this stuff to go on—this is terrible what’s happening and so bad for our country.”

Trump further accused the Bidens of receiving large sums of money from foreign countries like Ukraine and China and suggested that these financial ties might be influencing U.S. foreign policy decisions.

As the interview concluded, Trump expressed his admiration for Judge Noreika for her thorough examination of the plea deal, stating, “I have such respect for the judge because she called it out. I mean, a lot of people, they always said it’s a rubber stamp, it’s a rubber stamp whoever gets it. She didn’t view it as a rubber stamp, and I just have such respect for her.”

The interview with Breitbart News covered various topics, and more highlights from the conversation are expected to be released soon.

Breitbart News remains at the forefront of reporting on developments surrounding the Biden family and continues to be a platform for exclusive interviews with influential figures like former President Donald Trump.

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