Ex-Senator Brown Addresses Biden’s Improper Behavior Towards Wife Head-On!

Sentor Brown

In a recent podcast interview with Tom Shattuck, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown brought forward a disturbing account involving President Joe Biden’s behavior towards his wife. Brown’s claims have resurfaced discussions about Biden’s past conduct, his handling by the MeToo movement, and the selective nature of the movement itself.

Brown’s revelation sheds light on Biden’s long-standing pattern of inappropriate behavior, raising questions about why this behavior has not been addressed more thoroughly in the past. Brown recounted an incident during a Senate swearing-in ceremony, where Biden appeared to be unable to keep his hands off Brown’s wife. This incident occurred at the same venue where Biden’s interactions with young girls had been criticized for their uncomfortable nature.

While Biden’s “creepy” behavior, as it has often been described, has been a point of concern for years, the allegations made by Brown point to a more sinister side. Brown’s interview raised the issue of whether Biden’s actions should be considered not just unsettling but potentially criminal. Brown noted, “One doesn’t have to digitally rape a woman to have committed criminal sexual assault. Grabbing her breasts or goosing her is enough.”

These allegations come in the wake of the MeToo movement, which aimed to bring attention to and hold accountable individuals who had committed sexual harassment and assault. The movement gained significant traction, particularly during the height of the allegations against former President Donald Trump. However, critics argue that the movement has often been selective in its targets, failing to address allegations against individuals within left-leaning circles, like Biden.

Tara Reade’s accusations against Biden in 2020 raised serious questions about the MeToo movement’s stance on challenging allegations against a Democratic presidential candidate. Despite Reade’s claims being deemed highly credible, with corroborating evidence in the form of a contemporaneous phone call to Larry King, the movement’s mantra of “believe all women” did not seem to apply when it came to challenging a prominent Democrat.

The allegations made by Reade and Brown have exposed the complexities surrounding accountability for individuals in positions of power. With Biden’s ascendancy to the presidency, these allegations have only gained more attention. Critics have pointed to the Democrat establishment’s role in protecting Biden from facing the consequences of his actions, leading to concerns about the credibility of the MeToo movement’s objectives.

Furthermore, the revelations surrounding Biden’s behavior raise questions about potential vulnerabilities on the geopolitical stage. Skepticism about whether compromising footage of Biden exists, depicting actions even worse than those caught on public platforms, has been voiced by some. The implications of such vulnerabilities could have far-reaching consequences for the United States’ international standing and diplomatic relationships.

As discussions around Biden’s conduct continue to unfold, the broader conversation about the MeToo movement’s effectiveness and its selectivity remains pertinent. The movement’s original goal of addressing sexual harassment and assault in all forms is now being scrutinized for the apparent disparities in how it has been applied to different individuals based on their political affiliations.

The allegations made by Scott Brown have once again brought Biden’s behavior into the spotlight, prompting calls for a more comprehensive examination of his actions and a reconsideration of the MeToo movement’s principles. In a landscape where accountability and justice are paramount, confronting uncomfortable truths and addressing them without bias remains a critical step towards creating a more equitable society.

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  1. Never could understand all these “me too” women who voted for Biden. It’s unbelievable how quickly they sold themselves and all women out.

  2. He just hasn’t been openly challenged by another man right then and there. The women have kept quiet until everybody was a 100 years old, and the parents of the younger ones are typically pleased and gushing that their daughters’ futures were all sewn up because they were inappropriately grabbed, groped, pinched, sniffed, etc., and mother will have a talk with them about the way things are in their world.

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