Elon Musk Trolls Barack Obama and Pizzagate

Elon Musk Holding a Pizza

Elon Musk’s recent tweet featuring the phrase “Dominoes Effect” has sparked curiosity and speculation about his intentions. Some believe there are two plausible explanations for his tweet: either he sees a natural progression of conclusions suggesting involvement among the elite, particularly globalists and leftists, in child sex trafficking, or he’s simply trolling conspiracy theorists who buy into such notions.

While we may not necessarily endorse or trust Musk’s motives, he is known for his intelligence and occasional conspiratorial leanings. In the context of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, it’s arguably appropriate to keep an open mind. Regardless of one’s stance, the Pizzagate theory has yielded information over the years that hints at the possibility of some truth in it. However, this is not the moment to delve into Pizzagate theories.

Returning to Musk’s tweet, it features a meme that traces the progression of Barack Obama’s political career. Some suggest it all started when Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jack Ryan withdrew from the race due to revelations about his personal life, ultimately leading to Obama’s Senate victory and his subsequent presidency.

The meme’s final domino references the allegations made by Larry Sinclair, a former Obama supporter. To dispel any notion that Musk’s use of “Dominoes” is related to the game, he included a pizza emoji for emphasis.

It’s worth noting that “Dominoes” is alleged to be a pedophile code mentioned in emails to John Podesta. So even if Musk was trolling, it implies he’s explored this theory. It’s important to clarify that this seems directed primarily at Obama rather than a broader trolling attempt.

Conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin provided her perspective on Musk’s tweet:

“BOOM: Elon Musk trolls Barack Obama with pedophile codes found in the Podesta E-mails!

Musk wrote ‘Dominoes Effect’ with a pizza emoji in a post featuring a meme about Obama’s alleged drug-fueled gay orgy. ‘Dominos’ and ‘pizza’ are code words mentioned in the Podesta E-mails. ‘Dominos’ is believed to refer to a sex act, while ‘pizza’ is a common pedophile code word. Pizza emojis are also employed by child sex predators, as confirmed by the Wall Street Journal earlier this year.

On Dec. 12, 2015, billionaire ‘philanthropist’ Herb Sandler sent an e-mail with the subject ‘cheese’ to John and Mary Podesta, concluding with: ‘Ps. Do you think I’d do better playing dominos on cheese or pasta?’

On May 14, 2009, Fred Burton, the chief security officer at Stratfor, sent an e-mail suggesting that Obama spent about $65,000 of taxpayers’ money on flying in ‘pizza/dogs’ from Chicago for a private White House party. This was released via Wikileaks’ Global Intelligence files.”

It appears that Elon Musk has ventured into the Pizzagate realm, potentially opening up a broader discussion. While it’s challenging to determine the impact of such actions, when influential figures like Musk engage with these theories, it could contribute to raising awareness among the masses.

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