Dr. Fauci Plans a Pathogenic Bat Lab in Colorado

Dr Anthony Fauci and his Bat Lab

Concerns Mount Over Upcoming Bat Research Lab in Colorado

Plans for a new taxpayer-funded laboratory in Colorado, specializing in bat research and dangerous pathogens, are drawing increasing skepticism and criticism. The collaboration involves Colorado State University (CSU), EcoHealth Alliance (EHA), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), formerly overseen by Dr. Anthony Fauci. Despite its scientific objectives, the project is shrouded in controversy, particularly in light of its connections to EHA, a group at the heart of the Covid-19 lab leak theory.

The facility, due to open in 2025 in Fort Collins, intends to import and experiment on a large number of bats, studying diseases like Ebola, Nipah virus, and Covid-19. This ambitious plan has not only alarmed Republican Senators, still seeking answers about the Covid-19 pandemic’s origins, but also stirred fears among the local community. Senator Joni Ernst voiced strong opposition, emphasizing the risk of starting a “pandemic on US soil” due to “batty experiments.”

Residents of Fort Collins are particularly concerned about the lab’s proximity to their homes, fearing the potential escape of diseases akin to Covid-19. The site, a mere 380 feet from residential areas, raises significant safety questions. The lab’s classification as a biosafety level 2 (BSL-2) facility, typically dealing with moderate health hazards like Hepatitis and HIV, has done little to alleviate these fears, especially given past documents suggesting intentions to work with more lethal pathogens.

The involvement of various organizations in the project, including the Wuhan Institute of Virology, notorious for its speculated link to the Covid-19 outbreak, adds another layer of concern. Moreover, revelations about CSU’s longstanding interest in zoonotic and vector-borne infections, and the NIH’s funding increase from an initial $6.7 million to a staggering $11.83 million, have only heightened skepticism.

Residents and some politicians are calling for more transparency and reassessment of the lab’s safety protocols and true research intentions. They argue that the risks potentially outweigh the benefits, especially in a post-Covid world wary of lab-originated pandemics. With construction yet to commence and public unease growing, the future of this bat research facility remains uncertain, shadowed by concerns of safety, ethical research practices, and potential public health implications.

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  1. Colorado is a spiritual waste if they allow this monster to fulfill his plan and they deserve what they get if they do. I am SICK of this Frankenstein Monster being unleashed in the world. Worse I am sick and tired of those who accept it.
    Some of us know the truth and they know we know. SERIOUSLY: People need pray that Fauxci repents & finds Christ because Fauxci is lost. The fact is: if he wont change, pray that God keeps him from abusing humans, and it seems the only way that can be done is if he meets his creator. Fauci needs to realize when he looks in the mirror and thinks hes god, hes not! God needs to show him who is GOD and who is not by taking him. Fauxci’s a demon in skin. I seem to be saying that a lot lately more than I have ever have. I am 75 and I knew of one demon in skin before 2007, then they started coming out of the wood work. When I heard Obamas voice for the first time my spirit Groaned. These are not just “LOST” people, these are demonically EVIL beings who know satan personally. For my mind Fauci is the worst thing besides Obama that has happened to America and believe me there are lots of terrible people and things happening in here, but this is a spiritual death and there us nothing recoverable about that.

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