Digging Deeper: Joe Biden’s Extent of Involvement in Hunter’s Business Exposed

joe and hunter biden

In an explosive new report by Miranda Devine at The New York Post, the preferred yet dubious narrative that President Biden was “never” aware of or involved in his son Hunter Biden’s businesses is beginning to crumble. Devine’s exclusive investigation reveals that Joe Biden, during his time as Vice President, had direct communication with Hunter’s business partners and associates on numerous occasions.

According to Devine’s sources, Hunter Biden would often include his father in business meetings by dialing him in on speakerphone. This latest revelation comes as Devon Archer, Hunter’s “former best friend,” is set to testify before the House Oversight Committee. Archer, who is already facing legal consequences for his role in a bond fraud case, is expected to divulge firsthand knowledge of these calls involving Joe Biden and his son’s business partners.

One such significant incident involves a meeting in Dubai back in December 2015. After a board meeting of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, where Hunter was a director earning $83,000 a month, Hunter and Archer met with one of Hunter’s friends at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai. During their conversation, a senior Burisma executive urgently phoned and asked for Hunter to call his father, Joe Biden. Hunter complied and put the call on speakerphone, introducing the Ukrainians to his father, referring to them as “Nikolai and Vadym” and implying they needed their support.

It’s crucial to note the context of this call, as just three days later, Joe Biden was scheduled to address the Ukrainian parliament on the issue of corruption. Additionally, Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokin was actively investigating Burisma for corruption, and just two months after the call, properties belonging to Burisma’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, were seized. Joe Biden, as the Obama administration’s point man for Ukraine, played a significant role in pressuring Ukraine to address corruption issues.

This revelation raises questions about whether Biden’s claims of being unaware of his son’s business dealings hold any water. Archer’s expected testimony directly contradicts the “never” narrative and suggests that Biden was more than just aware of Hunter’s business activities – he was actively involved in some capacity.

Critics argue that Biden’s denial of involvement might have been a tactic to brush off questions of impropriety, but such absolutist claims are now crumbling in the face of contrary evidence. The testimony of Archer, Hunter’s close associate, suggests that Joe Biden’s position as Vice President granted Hunter access to high levels of power in the U.S. government. This access likely helped Hunter’s business dealings with foreign businessmen, making them more willing to invest in his ventures.

The mainstream media’s handling of this news has also come under scrutiny. Despite last week’s revelations published by Senator Chuck Grassley, outlining allegations of Joe Biden’s criminal bribery scheme, some outlets showed a willful ignorance by delaying or downplaying the news. However, the mounting evidence of Biden’s involvement in his son’s business affairs may prompt further coverage.

As the story unfolds, questions about Joe Biden’s potential role in foreign bribery allegations may continue to put pressure on the administration. Speculation has already begun about the possibility of Biden being removed from the 2024 ticket in favor of a candidate with similar policies but without the baggage of such allegations.

The Hill originally reported this news, and it remains to be seen how other media outlets will cover these bombshell revelations. As investigations and testimonies progress, the truth behind Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business dealings may become clearer, potentially impacting the political landscape for years to come.

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