Democrat State Senator Arrested: Rhode Island GOP Chair Demands Resignation

Senator Joshua Miller Arrested for Keying a Car

In a shocking incident captured on surveillance footage, Senator Joshua Miller, a Democrat representing Rhode Island, was arrested after being caught keying a car at the Garden City Center in Cranston. The car in question displayed a bumper sticker with the phrase “Biden sucks.” The footage clearly showed Senator Miller engaging in the act, leading to his subsequent admission and arrest by the police.

Following the arrest, Rhode Island GOP Chairman Joe Powers expressed his strong belief that Senator Miller should resign from his position. Powers stated, “I absolutely think he should resign,” and further emphasized that if Miller were a Republican, immediate action would have been taken by the Democrats in power.

Senator Miller holds the significant positions of policy chairman for the Senate Democratic Caucus and leader of the Health and Human Services Committee. Initially, he attempted to deflect blame by claiming that he thought the person accusing him of vandalism was one of the “gun nuts” he alleges have been stalking him due to his sponsorship of legislation restricting firearms. However, after being confronted with video evidence by the police, Senator Miller admitted his guilt and proceeded to the police station, where he was formally charged.

A police body camera video, obtained by Fox News, included an interview with the son of the car owner who witnessed the incident. According to the victim’s son, he heard scratching noises as he approached the SUV and witnessed Senator Miller holding keys in his hand. Although Miller denied his involvement, he walked away after the confrontation. The victim’s account was corroborated by security footage, as confirmed by the Cranston Police Department.

During the investigation, the victim’s mother speculated that the presence of the “Biden sucks” bumper sticker might have provoked Senator Miller’s actions. Rhode Island GOP Chairman Joe Powers expressed his astonishment, stating, “I don’t understand how a bumper sticker can infuriate somebody so much that it’s going to cause such damage to a family’s car.” Powers emphasized that the incident did not involve any intense political activism or disruptive behavior.

Powers firmly believes that calling for Senator Miller’s resignation is in the best interest of his constituents, referring to the situation as “an embarrassment.” He also revealed that there are individuals prepared to step into Miller’s position, as they have been observing his actions closely and are dissatisfied with his performance.

While no prominent Rhode Island Democrats have yet called for Senator Miller’s resignation, Powers argued that at the very least, Miller should be removed from his committees due to his demonstrated lack of proper leadership skills. Powers cited a previous incident in 2014 where Miller was caught on camera using offensive language towards an individual expressing support for the Second Amendment. Miller subsequently apologized for his behavior.

In the body camera footage, Senator Miller mentioned contacting Police Colonel Michael Winquist, claiming that Winquist was aware of the threats he had received from “gun nuts.” Powers expressed skepticism about Miller’s motives, suggesting that he was attempting to leverage his connections for personal gain. However, the Cranston Police Department clarified that Miller had never reported any threats to Winquist or any other member of the department.

Colonel Winquist emphasized that nobody is above the law, regardless of their position in making or enforcing laws. He stated, “Nobody is above the law, including those who make and enforce the laws.”

Regarding Senator Miller’s background, which includes being an owner and operator of several restaurants, Powers expressed disappointment in his lack of restraint. Given Miller’s experience in business and his role in customer service, Powers believed that he should have exhibited better demeanor and leadership qualities. Powers concluded, “But obviously he proved us wrong.”

Senator Miller is scheduled for re-arraignment in court on July 18, 2023, according to the police. Despite multiple attempts, he did not respond to requests for comment on the matter.

Democrat Senator Joshua Miller (69)

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