Democrat County Commissioner Felicia Franklin Found ‘passed out’ drunk in the streets

Felicia Franklin

Clayton County Board of Commissioners Vice Chair Felicia Franklin was found in a state of extreme distress outside the 404 Sports Bar and Grill in Morrow, Georgia. The incident, which took place in September, was captured in alarming body cam footage by the police.

Franklin, who was attending an event on the evening of September 29, was discovered passed out on the sidewalk. The footage shows her being loaded into an ambulance, where she exhibited uncooperative and unruly behavior towards the medics.

During her transport to the hospital, Franklin was visibly agitated, screaming and crying, and at one point was heard saying, “I don’t know what they gave me,” before hurling abuse at the emergency staff. Due to her increasing violence, she had to be restrained in the ambulance.

Further complications arose when police interviewed Franklin a few days after the incident. Officers confronted her with evidence of her consuming more than the two drinks she claimed to have had. Franklin insisted she did not remember having five drinks, despite the police presenting her with receipts from the bar.

Contrary to Franklin’s claims of being drugged with a “date rape pill,” the police stated that there was no evidence of such drugs in her system. Instead, a toxicology report revealed the presence of alcohol and cannabis. CCTV footage from the sports bar also contradicted her account, showing her being served several drinks and dancing.

Following the release of the video, Franklin was voted out of her role as Vice Chair on October 23. Chairman Jeff Turner commented on the decision, emphasizing the importance of presenting themselves in a manner that makes the citizens proud.

In response to her removal, Franklin called the move unlawful and announced her intention to run for the chairwoman of the board. She addressed the incident on Facebook, describing it as a traumatic experience and expressing her determination to work with authorities and advocate for improved safety measures at events.

Sgt. Scott Stewart from the Morrow Police Department stated that the case had been closed, with the EMTs deciding not to press charges. The 404 Sports Bar and Grill reassured the public of their commitment to patron safety, grateful for the thorough investigation by authorities.

This incident has raised concerns about public official conduct and the safety of communal spaces, sparking a conversation about responsibility and accountability in public life.

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