Congressman Turned Child Sex Offender Freaks Out When Asked About the ‘Clinton Body Count’

In a recent podcast, former congressman Anthony Weiner, who faced disgrace after his involvement in a child sex offense, found himself embroiled in a heated discussion with host Patrick Bet-David. The topic at hand was a “conspiracy theory” that has been circulating, suggesting a so-called “body count” associated with the Clinton family.

Bet-David didn’t shy away from asking the tough question: “How is it that the reputation following the Clintons is that people close to them end up dead?” This question clearly struck a nerve with Weiner, who tried to evade it initially, but the tension escalated, and the conversation turned into a shouting match.

Weiner’s defense was that the Clintons are in their seventies, and it’s natural for older people to experience the loss of acquaintances. However, Bet-David countered by pointing out other politicians of the same age, like Bush, Trump, and Reagan, who haven’t been associated with similar conspiracy theories.

Veins popping in his neck, Weiner vehemently retorted, “People close to everybody die! You are implying something nefarious is afoot, both with the question and the list [of alleged dead people related to the Clintons].”

The discussion took a personal turn when Bet-David reminded Weiner of his own past, serving prison time for engaging in sexual behavior with a teenager. Nonetheless, Weiner deflected the comparison, arguing that the people on the alleged “body count” list were not as well-known as the Clintons or himself.

While it’s true that the Clinton family has faced controversies and shady situations, whether or not the “body count” theory holds any truth remains uncertain. However, the fact remains that several former associates of the Clintons have passed away under various circumstances.

It’s essential to remember that in 2017, Weiner was sentenced to 21 months in prison for his involvement in exchanging explicit content with a 15-year-old, which led to his registration as a child sex offender for at least 20 years.

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