China’s Plot to Subvert America is Underway

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In a recent interview on Epoch TV’s “American Thought Leaders,” Steve Malloy, a senior legal fellow at the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, raised concerns about China’s strategy to leverage its dominance in critical raw materials to establish dominance over the United States as the world’s dominant power by 2049.

Malloy asserted that China is using climate change and green technology to subvert the United States. According to him, China has succeeded in getting the U.S. and other developed countries hooked on green technologies, such as wind turbines, solar panels, and electric vehicles (EVs). These technologies rely heavily on certain critical raw materials, including graphite and rare earth elements, where China holds a near-global monopoly.

One critical example cited by Malloy is rare earth elements, a group of 17 elements crucial for various high-tech applications, including wind technology, solar technology, EVs, cell phones, and computers. Despite their name, rare earths are relatively abundant, but their extraction is challenging due to environmental concerns. China, however, has capitalized on this by becoming the major supplier and processor of rare earth elements globally, accounting for 70 percent of global rare earth mined production.

The United States has historically imported most of its rare earths from China, although this reliance has reduced slightly in recent years. Data from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) shows that from 2018 to 2021, China was responsible for 74 percent of rare earths imported to the United States.

China has not been shy about using its monopoly over critical metals as leverage. In 2010, during a dispute with Japan, China temporarily blocked the export of rare earths to Japan. More recently, during the U.S.-China trade war, China threatened to limit the sale of rare earths to the United States.

Malloy expressed concerns over the Biden administration’s push towards transitioning the nation to energy sources that China dominates. President Joe Biden has unveiled federal rules aiming to end the purchase of gas-powered vehicles by 2035, while states like California are banning light-duty gas-powered cars.

The risks of relying on a communist regime for essential elements came to the forefront when China announced export controls on graphite, which is vital for powering electric vehicles. China controls over 65 percent of the world’s supply of graphite. The new restriction will ban Chinese exporters from shipping graphite and its products from December 1, unless companies obtain licenses.

Mr. Malloy noted, “China is the sole producer of the refined graphite that goes into every EV battery. So if China were to stop exporting refined graphite, there would be no EV batteries made.”

While some Western companies and governments have shown interest in entering the graphite market, Malloy argued that it takes years to build up an industry where China already has a decades-long lead.

Malloy emphasized that the Chinese regime’s approach to the world differs significantly from Western nations’ strategies. He pointed out that China’s goal is to be the sole global superpower by 2049, while the United States is accelerating its transition to green energy technology and aiming for “carbon neutrality” by 2050.

The concern raised by Malloy and others is that the United States is making itself more economically dependent on China in its pursuit of green technologies, potentially jeopardizing national security and sovereignty. As the competition between these two superpowers intensifies, the question remains: Will the United States inadvertently strengthen China’s position and risk becoming increasingly dependent on a nation that seeks to establish global dominance?

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  1. This needs to be “nipped in the bud”, like “NOW”!
    There won’t be many “old-timers” around, who know what “makes AMERICA GREAT”
    and these young ones are going to “throw their freedoms away” because they
    “KNOW IT ALL”. We need TRUMP back in the W.H. and get them all moved out before
    they plant their feet in American SOIL any deeper! They already own millions of acres
    or our farm ground and businesses….meat packing plants a big one!!
    Kids, “don’t vote for “”anyone”” who supports CHINA!!

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