Bombshell Docs Refute Biden’s Claims He Has Received ‘No Money’ From China!

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In a startling turn of events, a cache of documents made public by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has shed light on what he asserts are questionable business dealings involving the Biden family. The release of these materials, originating from Town Hall, has triggered a wave of debate and scrutiny.

The revelations, outlined in a memorandum unveiled on Wednesday, have ignited a fervent debate over allegations that the Biden family has been involved in lucrative business transactions with foreign entities, notably China. The central theme of these disclosures centers on the contention that the White House has refused to acknowledge substantial financial gains made by the Biden family through Chinese partnerships. These alleged dealings contradict a series of bank statements that the Committee has reportedly pored over.

Notably, during his presidential campaign, Joe Biden adamantly assured the American public that his family had not received any monetary benefits from China. He went so far as to contest the veracity of the Committee’s bank records, stating that they were “not true.”

However, the released documents seem to paint a different picture. According to these materials, the Biden family, along with their associates and affiliated companies, purportedly received a staggering sum of over $10 million from foreign-based enterprises. The memo published by the Committee asserts, “The Committee has identified payments to Biden family members from foreign companies while Joe Biden served as Vice President and after he left public office.”

The documents provide a detailed glimpse into the alleged mechanisms employed by the Biden family to channel foreign funds while ostensibly concealing the true nature of these financial transactions. They suggest that the family received incremental payments spanning an extended period, dispersed across different bank accounts. This strategy, as per the documents, serves the dual purpose of obscuring the initial source of the funds and making the total amount less conspicuous.

However, the saga deepens further as it is claimed that the Biden family’s overseas business entanglements extend beyond the financial realm. The documents suggest that these dealings have significant ties to the Chinese Communist Party. The intricate nature of these transactions seems to involve the use of domestic limited liability companies, potentially obscuring the origin of funds even more.

A key objective of the House Oversight Committee, as outlined in the memorandum, is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Bank Secrecy Act. Their aim is to determine whether financial institutions possess the necessary tools and support from federal agencies to combat illegal money laundering and instances of foreign corruption.

Moreover, the documents assert that the Committee possesses sufficient evidence to substantiate its concerns regarding suspicious activities by the Biden family. Allegations have been leveled against the government for lacking transparency in addressing these concerns.

The memorandum takes a step beyond revealing alleged discrepancies and dives into the realm of legislation. The Committee is reportedly exploring the prospect of drafting legislation that promotes greater transparency for the American public. They seek to discourage family members of presidential and vice-presidential candidates from leveraging their kin’s public service for personal gain, particularly through business dealings with foreign interests.

The controversy surrounding the Biden family’s business dealings is not confined to the past. The documents resurrect a statement made by Joe Biden during a pivotal moment in the 2020 presidential campaign. During a debate, Biden unequivocally denied any financial benefits accruing to his family from China. He infamously stated, “My son has not made money regarding this thing about, what are you talking about, China?… Nobody else has made money from China.”

The newly revealed documents, however, seem to challenge the veracity of this claim. According to the purported bank statements, the year 2017 alone witnessed substantial inflows of funds from Chinese entities to President Biden’s family and their affiliated companies.

It is crucial to note that these documents seem to revolve primarily around the alleged financial dealings with China, omitting any mention of potential payments from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Romania, Oman, and other foreign entities. Notably, the investigation also excludes any financial transactions linked to Hunter Biden’s involvement with BHR Partners or Jonathan Li.

The release of these documents by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, originally reported by Town Hall, has thrust the alleged Biden family business dealings into the spotlight once more. As the nation grapples with the implications of these purported revelations, the veracity of the claims and the potential consequences for the Biden administration remain subjects of heated discussion and analysis.

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  1. Thay does seem to go with why they hate Pres Trump so much since he cut into there dealing He does want to run this country like China does theres gen milley seemed to make sure China knew everything that was going on also Yet a little Seaman from a ship sells info and he is a BIG TIME traitor Cant see why ppl would be surprised after the way they gave so much to China in Afgan But dems will say that was ok are its a lie Truth never reaches a dem little brain

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