Biden’s Cue Card Usage during British PM Meeting Raises Doubts about Leadership

Joe Biden using a cue card

President Joe Biden’s use of cue cards during his meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is raising concerns among Americans about his ability to lead, according to a report by the Daily Mail. The meeting, which took place ahead of the NATO summit in Lithuania, showcased the President’s reliance on written prompts to navigate important discussions.

President Biden arrived in London on Monday for crucial meetings with Sunak and King Charles III, aiming to strengthen ties with Britain, which he referred to as “a closer friend and greater ally.” The objective was to dispel any lingering doubts about his stance on Britain within the Commonwealth.

However, the use of cue cards during the meeting with Sunak has drawn attention. A close-up photograph revealed a handwritten card labeled “NATO,” featuring numbered topics such as “F-16” and “Turkey.” This reliance on cue cards is not new for President Biden. In the past, he has been caught using similar prompts during meetings and briefings throughout his time in office.

Critics argue that these instances raise concerns about President Biden’s mental acuity and ability to fulfill his duties as President. This sentiment is not limited to the recent cue card incident. In April, CNN captured a photograph of President Biden with a note card displaying a question from a Los Angeles Times reporter during a news conference. Although the Times denied submitting the question in advance, the resemblance between the card and the reporter’s question raised suspicions.

Furthermore, in June 2022, President Biden was caught with a card providing detailed instructions on how to conduct a White House meeting. This accidental exposure of the card revealed step-by-step directions, including interactions with guests and the media. These instances have fueled concerns among Biden’s opponents, who question his ability to lead and make crucial decisions independently.

As President Biden continues to rely on cue cards in high-profile engagements, more and more Americans are growing concerned about his dependence on written prompts. They worry that this reliance undermines his capacity to effectively communicate, make informed decisions, and handle the responsibilities of the presidency.

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