Biden Vacations Amidst Maui Blaze Disaster: Aid Blocked, Victims Left in Limbo…

Biden on Vacation

Biden Faces Criticism for “No Comment” on Lahaina Fire Amid Government Aid Blockage

President Biden has come under scrutiny for his response to the devastating fire in Lahaina, Hawaii, as reports emerge of government officials blocking aid and donations from reaching the affected area. The president’s “no comment” remark during a Delaware beach getaway drew criticism from various quarters, with critics labeling it as “embarrassing” and an “unforced error.”

The incident occurred when Bloomberg’s Justin Sink questioned President Biden about the rising death toll in Hawaii due to severe wildfires. In response, Biden reportedly stated, “no comment,” before leaving the scene. Video footage later confirmed the exchange, capturing a brief pause before the president’s response.

Critics, including MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan and The Washington Examiner’s Byron York, expressed disappointment in Biden’s lack of a substantive response, suggesting that he should have had something to say about the unfolding crisis.

In contrast to the president’s apparent lack of comment, Hawaii Governor Josh Green praised the federal government’s quick response, mentioning that President Biden had rapidly approved a Major Disaster Declaration and had ordered all available federal resources to assist with the disaster recovery efforts. White House spokespersons highlighted the president’s active involvement, citing his regular briefings and coordination with various federal agencies.

However, the situation on the ground seems to be far from ideal. Reports from Maui residents indicate that aid and assistance are being blocked by government agencies, hindering relief efforts. Locals claim that road closures have prevented crucial supplies from reaching the devastated area of Lahaina.

Maui residents Cassidy and Alexa Kailieha, who have family in Lahaina affected by the fire, expressed frustration at the lack of support from local agencies. They stated that despite the destruction and the urgent need for aid, agencies have stood by and not provided any assistance. The Kailiehas emphasized that families in Lahaina are in desperate need of essentials like food and water.

The Kailieha family’s plea for help has been echoed by other Lahaina residents who have lost their homes and belongings in the fire. Many feel stranded due to road closures enforced by government officials, preventing them from accessing the support they require for survival. Tourists, however, have been allowed access to the area to retrieve their belongings from hotel rooms.

The Lahaina community and concerned individuals are urging the government, including Maui Mayor Richard Bissen and Governor Josh Green, to open the road leading to Lahaina to ensure that essential aid and supplies can reach the affected population promptly.

As the fire in Lahaina continues to devastate lives and properties, President Biden’s initial response has drawn both criticism and praise. While some appreciate his swift disaster declaration and federal support, others are expressing frustration at the apparent disconnect between official responses and the reality on the ground. The Lahaina community’s urgent appeal for help and the ongoing controversy highlight the challenges faced in coordinating disaster relief efforts effectively.

While all this is going on, Biden is vacationing at the beach again…

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    1. You need to remember what Biden did on his first day.He made it a priority to allow men into women’s spaces,as long as they’re pretending to be women.This man is a lifelong pedophile and souless criminal.I think a firing squad is a good start,Biden first.

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