Biden Under Fire for ‘Creepy’ Remark Following the Release of American-Israeli Child Hostage

Joe Biden Remarks about a little girl hostage

Joe Biden has once again come under fire for making controversial and inappropriate remarks. This time, his comments followed the release of Avigail Idan, a dual American-Israeli citizen and a young hostage held by Hamas. Avigail, who celebrated her fourth birthday in captivity, was part of the third group of hostages released. Tragically, her mother and father were killed in the October 7th attack, with her father dying while trying to protect her. Avigail’s brother and sister narrowly escaped by hiding in a closet.

Initially, Biden’s address on Avigail’s release seemed appropriate, although he appeared to take undue credit for the operation. However, it was his improvised comments that sparked controversy. Biden, veering off-script, expressed a desire to hold Avigail, accompanied by a laugh. This remark was seen as particularly insensitive given the trauma the young girl had endured.

Critics argue that this is not an isolated incident, pointing to Biden’s history of making awkward and inappropriate comments, especially involving children. Just last week, at a military event, he made a similarly strange comment to a young girl, inquiring if she was 17 when she was, in fact, only six years old. These incidents have raised concerns about Biden’s public communication, with calls for his staff to better manage his interactions, particularly those involving children.

The situation was further exacerbated by Biden’s apparent lack of awareness regarding the status of other American hostages believed to still be in captivity, raising questions about the administration’s handling of hostage situations and foreign policy.

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