Biden Regime Charges Soldier for Gear Left Behind During the Botched Withdrawal

US Soldier

An outgoing U.S. Army soldier has released a viral video on his last day of active duty with the 82nd Airborne Division, delivering a scathing critique of military leadership and the Biden Administration. The video, which has garnered widespread attention, details his experiences and frustrations, particularly with the handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The soldier described his deployment to Afghanistan two years ago as part of the withdrawal effort as “hectic, chaotic, and disgusting.” This experience, he said, led to his profound disappointment with the U.S. government. The most striking part of his statement was the revelation that he was billed for equipment he was ordered to leave behind during the withdrawal. He recounted being instructed to abandon extra gear due to space constraints on the departing aircraft, only to later receive a substantial bill for the equipment.

This incident highlights a broader issue: the U.S. Military reportedly left about $7.2 billion worth of equipment in Afghanistan, including Humvees, Blackhawk helicopters, and small arms, which were subsequently looted by the Taliban. This has added to the controversy and criticism of the withdrawal process.

The veteran also criticized the Biden Administration’s spending priorities, contrasting the significant funds allocated to foreign aid and domestic policies with the financial burden unjustly placed on soldiers. He expressed his frustration, stating that the government seems more willing to provide financial assistance in various forms to other causes while neglecting the needs and fair treatment of its military personnel.

His closing remarks were a stark indictment of the current administration. He accused it of neglecting its soldiers and the American people, summing up his views by saying, “This administration’s last priority is the American people. And inside of the American people, their last priority is their soldiers, Marines, airmen, Navy.”

The soldier’s video has sparked a heated debate over military policies, government accountability, and the treatment of veterans, highlighting crucial issues about the respect and support owed to those who serve in the military.

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  1. The current administration in DC deserves to be exiled from this country since they are more corrupt while they are being controlled by scum that live in their ivory towers with fallout shelters only for themselves and their selected slaves oops I meant workers and armed Nazi guards

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