How Corporate Greed Buried a Game-Changing Green Energy Solution: The Keely Motor Exposed…

John Worrell Keely

A recent video has brought to light the forgotten legacy of Philadelphia-based inventor John Worrell Keely, whose revolutionary energy device was once heralded as the future of green, cheap electricity. However, a series of betrayals and controversies during his lifetime saw Keely’s innovations and potential solutions for energy independence buried, both metaphorically and literally.

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Born on September 3, 1837, during the onset of the Industrial Revolution, Keely showed signs of brilliance from a young age. His fascination with the manipulation of objects through their vibratory rates led him to venture into an entirely new field of science. Long before the mainstream acceptance of quantum mechanics, Keely was working on machines that utilized these principles.

John Worrell Keely

Witnessed by luminaries of his time, such as Nikola Tesla, Jules Verne, and Thomas Edison, Keely’s most prominent invention was the “Keely Motor.” This device harnessed harmonic magnetic energies from the Earth, transforming it into sustainable electricity.

Keely’s groundbreaking ideas attracted both admirers and detractors. Initial financial support from investors led to the formation of The Keely Motor Company, which aimed to bring Keely’s energy solutions to the world. However, corporate greed and impatience soon turned into betrayal, with investors backing out, leaving Keely on the verge of bankruptcy.

Witness a technology that even Tesla and Edison marveled at. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime revelation. Watch now and uncover history’s best-kept secret. Watch this video now >>>

Clara Jessup Bloomfield Moore, a wealthy widow and patron of the sciences, became Keely’s benefactor, believing in his vision. Yet, even this relationship faced obstacles. Allegations of fraud, influenced in part by Moore’s own son and negative press, resulted in Moore withdrawing her support.

Despite these setbacks, Keely’s resolve never wavered. But after his tragic death in 1898 from pneumonia, his pioneering research appeared to be lost to time, with even his final resting place left unmarked.

However, over a century later, a group of determined scientists have rediscovered Keely’s original blueprints and, using modern technology, have validated his theories and concepts. The potential for a world with abundant, clean, and virtually free energy, as envisioned by Keely, might now be within reach.

These findings pose profound questions about the lost opportunities and the deliberate suppression of sustainable energy solutions throughout history. The journey of John Worrell Keely serves as a powerful reminder of the indomitable spirit of innovation and the eternal quest for progress, even in the face of adversity.

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