Biden Invokes ‘Wartime Powers’ to Attack Gas-Powered Furnaces

Joe Biden with flaming gas

Joe Biden on Friday leveraged the Defense Production Act (DPA) of 1950, a Cold War-era statute, to funnel government funds into the American electric heat pump industry. This action aims to reduce dependence on gas-powered household furnaces, marking a significant shift towards green energy.

The Department of Energy (DOE), in conjunction with the White House, announced a “historic” allocation of $169 million to support nine projects across 15 global locations. This initiative is designed to accelerate the production of electric heat pumps, aligning with the administration’s climate goals.

Biden’s utilization of the DPA, typically reserved for national defense purposes, underscores the administration’s aggressive stance on climate change. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm emphasized that this move would not only help families and businesses save money through efficient heating and cooling but also create thousands of high-quality manufacturing jobs in the United States, thereby bolstering the domestic energy supply chain.

John Podesta, the White House’s clean energy czar, echoed this sentiment, stating that the funding reflects the administration’s commitment to treating climate change as a crisis. Ali Zaidi, Biden’s national climate advisor, also highlighted the strategic use of the DPA to enhance U.S. manufacturing of clean technologies and strengthen energy security.

However, the decision has not been without its critics. Ben Lieberman, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, condemned the move as “corporate welfare,” arguing that the government should not interfere in consumer energy choices. He expressed concerns about the administration’s aggressive climate policies, labeling them as overreach.

The DOE’s financial support will benefit major corporations like Copeland, Honeywell International, Mitsubishi Electric, and York International Corporation, all involved in the production of industrial, commercial, and residential heat pumps.

This development comes on the heels of the DOE’s recent introduction of stricter regulations for traditional residential gas-powered furnaces. Set to take effect in 2028, these regulations mandate a minimum annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 95%, effectively phasing out less efficient, non-condensing gas furnaces. Critics argue that this move could impose significant installation costs on homeowners switching to condensing furnaces.

Karen Harbert, President and CEO of the American Gas Association (AGA), expressed disappointment over the misuse of the DPA. She emphasized the role of natural gas in reducing CO2 emissions and maintaining energy system resilience, cautioning against undermining these achievements.

The invocation of the DPA, which grants the president considerable influence over domestic industries for national defense reasons, has raised concerns about the potential overreach of executive powers. Biden’s frequent use of this act for climate-related initiatives has sparked debate over the scope of presidential authority in addressing national emergencies.

In summary, President Biden’s decision to use the DPA to boost green energy production through electric heat pumps has ignited a complex dialogue about climate policy, energy security, and the balance of governmental power.

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2 Replies to “Biden Invokes ‘Wartime Powers’ to Attack Gas-Powered Furnaces

  1. So Biden’s cronies along with his family are notified about what he is about to do. They invest heavily in heat pump technology, he invests taxpayer money (desperately using the War Power Act because the Republicans have the budget tied up right now), they reap huge profits, share some of it with the Biden crime syndicate, the technology goes bust because it never was good enough to succeed on it’s own and the American taxpayer has been fleeced again. Where have we seen this before? The greatest fleece job by the current Nazi administration was the electric car, then wind power (Obama), followed by solar power and now heat extraction via the heat pump. Any physicist, chemist or decent engineer not tied to the Brandon family can tell you heat pumps don’t work. I had one in 1984 in a house in New Jersey. I had to replace it with a traditional furnace. We had one in Texas and thank God we had a gas fireplace. My sister just got one this year under some socialist government program in Maine and she has already put in a new oil furnace to supplement it. The bottom line is you can’t extract heat when none is there.

  2. We have heat pumps in our home and work pretty good til really cold temps. Replacing our gas furnace in our business is going to run over $30000. How is that helping residents or small businesses?

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