Biden Administration’s DHS Exploits Anti-Terror Program to Target Christians, Conservatives & the GOP

DHS Secretary Mayorkas

In an alarming revelation, MRC Free Speech America, through its investigations under the Freedom of Information Act, has uncovered how the Biden administration is misusing a government-funded anti-terrorism grant program to undermine conservatives, Christians, and the Republican Party. The Targeted Violence & Terrorism Prevention Grant Program (TVTP), originally established to combat terrorism during the Trump administration, has been repurposed under Biden to target political opponents and reshape America into a one-party system.

Under the TVTP program, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), under the direction of Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, has awarded 80 grants amounting to nearly $40 million. The University of Dayton, one of the grantees, has utilized the funds to create the PREVENTS-OH program, which falsely equates mainstream conservative organizations with militant neo-Nazi groups. The seminar organized by the University of Dayton even compared former President Donald Trump to Pol Pot and suggested that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis might wish to start a second Holocaust.

The TVTP program, once focused on preventing actual terrorism, has been transformed by the Biden administration into a tool to silence conservatives, Christians, and the Republican Party. Documents obtained by MRC Free Speech America reveal the true intentions behind the program, as well as the radical ideologies promoted by some of the grantees. For instance, University of Cincinnati Research Fellow Michael Loadenthal, a self-proclaimed member of Antifa, has been featured in the PREVENTS-OH seminars, teaching participants how to create dummy accounts on free speech social media platforms in order to disrupt and destabilize political movements.

This weaponization of the TVTP program is part of a broader effort by the Biden administration to target and undermine its political opponents. The grant program, originally proposed under the Obama administration, was halted by the Trump administration but was revived by Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan. The Biden administration, under Mayorkas, then rebranded and expanded the program, using it to combat what they label as “domestic violent extremism, including violent white supremacy.”

The TVTP grants have been awarded to both public institutions and private organizations, with 52% going to universities and county governments and 48% to organizations like the LGBTQ+ advocacy group Out Boulder County. Instead of focusing on preventing violence and terrorism, a significant number of grantees are using the funds to target political opponents under the guise of “media literacy and online critical thinking initiatives.”

The Biden administration’s misuse of taxpayer dollars to attack political opponents is a disturbing trend, which includes other instances such as the Disinformation Government Board and the targeting of parents as terrorists. MRC Free Speech America’s investigation is ongoing, and further evidence of the administration’s efforts to target conservatives, Christians, and the Republican Party will be presented in the future.

The revelations brought to light by MRC Free Speech America emphasize the urgent need to continue and expand the investigations into the Biden administration’s misuse of the TVTP program. Donations are vital to sustain and expand these efforts, as they require substantial resources. The American public must be aware of the concerning actions taken by the government and their impact on freedom of speech and political discourse in the country.

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