Biden Administration Diverts VA Resources to Illegal Immigrants

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In an interview with Fox Digital on Tuesday morning, Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) revealed that the Biden administration has been diverting resources from the Veterans Affairs (VA) organization to assist illegal immigrants around the country. The Alabama senator recently introduced a bill titled “No VA Resources for Illegal Aliens Act” to prevent this from happening again.

According to Tuberville, the diversion of resources has led to longer lines at VA facilities and a backlog of medical claims, causing veterans to receive bills they shouldn’t have to pay and dissatisfaction among community care providers who are not being paid in a timely manner. VA representatives confirmed that there is a history of such a backlog, which has likely been exacerbated by the ongoing mass illegal immigration at the southern border.

The VA has had an interagency agreement with ICE’s Health Service Corps (IHSC) since 2002 to assist with reimbursements when private providers take on medical care for illegal immigrants in ICE detention centers. However, the resources used by the VA’s Financial Service Center have been overwhelmed by the influx of illegal immigrants.

Tuberville expressed his disappointment that the VA has not been able to properly care for the 19 million veterans across the country while resources have been diverted to help illegal immigrants. He hopes that his bill will at least lead to a discussion on the Senate floor, so that the American people can better understand the issue.

As the VA faces increasing pressure to address the needs of veterans and the ongoing border crisis continues to strain resources, the fate of Tuberville’s bill and the future of the VA’s role in assisting illegal immigrants remain uncertain.

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  1. This is horrible. Legal or illegal if they are not vets they have no business taking away any resources from any vet. These guys put their lives on the line to protect Americans. biden likes to mess up everything for the vets. They want to do something take it out of the politicians healthcare.

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