Biden Admin Facing Backlash over Climate Crackdown on Dishwashers!

jpe biden and a dishwasher

In a bold move that has stirred up controversy across the nation, President Joe Biden’s administration has found itself facing a significant backlash over its plans to crack down on the use of dishwashers in American homes. This unexpected regulatory crackdown is part of a sweeping effort to combat the perceived threat of climate change, a move that has raised eyebrows and sparked heated debates among industry and consumer groups.

The battleground for this latest environmental battle is none other than the humble dishwasher. Previously, the Biden administration had set its sights on gas stoves as a target to combat global warming, but now, other home appliances have entered the crosshairs of the green agenda.

On May 5, the Department of Energy (DOE) unveiled its proposal, outlining congressionally mandated standards for new dishwashers. The DOE argues that these new standards will reduce consumer costs while simultaneously decreasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The proposal, published in the Federal Register, outlines separate efficiency standards for power and water usage for both standard-size and compact dishwashers during their regular cycles.

However, the administration’s ambitious plan has not gone unchallenged. A coalition comprising 19 industry and consumer groups, spearheaded by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), has issued a detailed and critical response to the proposal. Their message is clear: the Biden administration should withdraw the rule. They assert that existing dishwasher standards have already caused “serious problems” for consumers, including extended cycle times, and further tightening these standards would exacerbate these issues while doing little to provide additional savings.

The coalition argues that the proposed rule would not deliver on its promises and would lead to longer cycle times and decreased dishwasher performance. They highlight reduced reliability, cleaning, and drying, as well as an increase in repair frequency and cost as some of the consequences of the DOE’s earlier actions in regulating dishwasher efficiency. Furthermore, they point out that many models compliant with the DOE’s previous standards do not fully dry dishes, potentially undermining the advantages of using dishwashers over handwashing.

Notable signatories of the letter to the DOE opposing these new efficiency standards include organizations such as The Heritage Foundation, Institute for Energy Research, Heartland Institute, American Consumer Institute, Americans for Prosperity, and American First Policy Institute. This united front underscores the depth of concern surrounding the proposed regulations.

The DOE’s proposal aims to achieve a 27 percent reduction in energy use and a 34 percent reduction in water use for new conventional household dishwashers made in the United States or imported into the country. These goals are expected to be met three years after the final rule’s publication. Standard-sized dishwashers would see their maximum estimated annual energy use drop to 223 kWh/year, with a maximum per-cycle water consumption of 3.3 gallons. Compact dishwasher models, under the proposed rulemaking, would experience a 22 percent reduction in power use and an 11 percent reduction in water usage, resulting in an annual energy use of 174 kWh/year and a maximum water consumption of 3.1 gallons.

If these new rules are adopted within the DOE’s suggested timeframe, they will take effect in 2027, promising nearly $3 billion in utility bill savings for consumers over 30 years. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm expressed the administration’s commitment to these measures, stating, “This Administration is using all of the tools at our disposal to save Americans money while promoting innovations that will reduce carbon pollution and combat the climate crisis.”

However, the CEI-led coalition remains steadfast in their opposition, emphasizing that the proposed rule would not only fail to deliver on its promises but also result in longer cycle times, reduced reliability, and increased costs for consumers. This opposition comes amidst the broader context of the Biden administration’s crackdown on home appliances in the name of fighting climate change, which includes stringent rules to reduce coolants in air conditioning units and proposed changes that could significantly impact the availability of gas stoves in the market.

While the administration argues that these measures are essential for addressing climate change, critics warn that they may lead to increased costs for consumers, particularly those on lower incomes who may not be able to afford compliant appliances. As the debate rages on, it remains to be seen how these proposed changes will shape the future of home appliances in the United States and the impact they will have on American households. One thing is clear: the battle over dishwashers is far from over, and it’s a fight that has the potential to reshape the way we live and consume energy in our homes.

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4 Replies to “Biden Admin Facing Backlash over Climate Crackdown on Dishwashers!

  1. why are appliances being looked at when we have open borders, millions of illegals pouring in, not vetted, potential terrorist attacks, we are on the brink ,of WWIII and idiots are looking at kitchen appliances. Nuclear war would be against the EPA, damaging to the libs Clean Air Act, Get rid of all libs, they are mentally challenged like their administration that Obama/Biden has led. If they believed in climate change why are they buying up properties along the coast lines? Why do they live in mansions using up alot of energy, etc

  2. Is there NO END to the administration’s MEGALOMANIACAL ATTEMPTS TO EXERCISE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER WE, THE PEOPLE!!!??? Climate issues, problems and changes have existed SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME and most certainly CANNOT BE CONTROLLED BY THE GOVERNMENT!!

  3. It is a proven fact that dishwashers use much less energy to clean dirty dishes than handwashing! The amount of water, soap, etc., is far less than the dishwasher consumes. The people in this administration are trying to destroy our country and will never understand the mentality of voters that has allowed this monstrosity against our country to develop! They want to make servants of us all, including those that put them in power! I am no spring chicken and can never remember our country being in more peril than we are at this moment from this insane administration! Common sense no longer rules the day, and will never understand what killed it!

  4. Biden is the one that’s pushing Americans into expensive electric cars that Americas old electric grid can’t handle. Now he claims he’s saving Americans money in the name of perceived climate change? What most people don’t realize is that unless the whole world is on board in fighting climate change any effort America makes is futile. China is a major air polluter for example and Chinas a big country. Russias motor vehicles are not going electric and Russias a big country. Climate change advocates point to many fires around the world for the need to do something about climate change ignoring evidence of arson in many cases. Experts say the sun has a great deal to do with our climate and that’s ignored. The efforts to weaponize our weather. (HAARP PROJECT) is also ignored.

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