Behind Closed Doors: Pence’s Secret Notes Expose His Troubling Connection to the Capitol Protests

Mike Pence taking secret notes

In a shocking twist to the investigation surrounding the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, former Vice President Mike Pence’s contemporaneous notes have come to light, shedding new light on his interactions with then-President Donald Trump. Special Counsel Jack Smith’s 45-page indictment against Trump has presented Pence’s notes as crucial evidence against the former president, resulting in Pence being cast in a negative light.

The indictment alleges that as the January 6 congressional certification proceeding approached, Trump sought to pressure Pence to fraudulently alter the election results. The document cites multiple phone calls between the two in late December 2020 and early January 2021, during which Trump allegedly made knowingly false claims about election fraud and attempted to convince Pence to reject legitimate electoral votes.

One of the phone calls took place on December 25, 2020, when Trump turned the conversation to January 6 and urged Pence to reject electoral votes on that day. However, Pence pushed back, stating that he lacked the authority to change the election outcome.

Four days later, Trump allegedly claimed that the Justice Department had uncovered major election infractions, a claim that Pence’s notes show to be false, according to the indictment.

The situation escalated further during a New Year’s Day meeting, where Trump and Pence discussed a lawsuit that sought to grant the vice president exclusive authority to decide which electoral votes should count. Despite Pence’s assertion that he lacked such power under the Constitution, Trump disparagingly responded, “You’re too honest… People are gonna think you’re stupid.”

The indictment further alleges that on January 3, a new plan was circulated to send elector slates to state legislatures for determination, contrary to the Electoral Count Act (ECA). During a subsequent meeting with Trump, Pence, and others, Trump deliberately excluded the White House Counsel, who had previously questioned his false claims of election fraud.

In this meeting, as documented in Pence’s contemporaneous notes, Trump allegedly continued to make knowingly false claims about election fraud, stating that he had won every state by hundreds of thousands of votes. He even raised the unfounded claim of 205,000 votes more in Pennsylvania than voters.

As tensions grew, Trump publicly criticized Pence during a rally on January 6, where his supporters chanted “Hang Mike Pence!” and “Traitor Pence!” before marching on the Capitol.

In response to the indictment, Pence released a statement accusing Trump of prioritizing himself over the Constitution. The former vice president, who is now a 2024 GOP hopeful, noted that Trump is entitled to the presumption of innocence but raised concerns about the former president’s candidacy, stating it would be a distraction from President Biden’s record.

The revelation of Pence’s contemporaneous notes has added new dimensions to the Capitol riot investigation and has intensified public scrutiny on the former vice president. As the legal process unfolds, the nation awaits further developments and examines the implications for Trump’s potential candidacy in the upcoming presidential election.

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2 Replies to “Behind Closed Doors: Pence’s Secret Notes Expose His Troubling Connection to the Capitol Protests

  1. There are some of us who saw biden with 30 people at his rally while president Trumps broke records of attendance . I do believe pence was nothing short of a swamp creature

  2. I truly believe that this election was stolen and Donald Trump was indeed the winner. My belief has absolutely nothing to do what President Trump said at the time or since but events that unfolded during the counting of the ballots and which I watched. In certain states–inclduding Pennsylvania–there was evidence of illegal votes. Only the electors of each state can make changes in the voting laws. However supervisors in some states were allowing the counting of votes which were coming in–and in violation of their state laws. These supervisors did not go back to the electors of their states to confirm if they could count these votes. In another case which I watched on TV, ballot counters were dismissed for the day. Once they had left, several more persons came into the room, sat down and began to count boxes of ballots that were hidden under a table in that room. Overhead cameras recorded all of this. In another case, the case was referred to a judge for a decision, but this was found illegal because again, a judge did not have the authority to change election laws only the electors. Of course none of this proves that President Trump had won the election but it does indicate that there was significate fraud. To counter this and prove one way or another, the Congressmen in affected states were allowed to question the outcome of the final vote as long as there was one Senator to stand with them. That Senator was Josh Hawley. This would then require that the states in question would do an audit and recount of only valid votes. But when this opportunity presented itself, Vice-President Mike Pence did not allow it. And Biden won! And the voters were denied the opportunity to determine the validity of the election by the cowardly action of Pence. Today, I believe that only a recount of questioned states and valid votes witnessed by both Democrat and Republican leaders can finally set this to right.

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