Antony Blinken’s Face!

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At one juncture, Biden perplexed many with a lengthy response that touched upon school shootings and an elusive theme of hope. The actual intent behind his words remains unclear. In other instances, despite his genuine effort to back Israel, he unintentionally made counterproductive remarks. Karine Jean-Pierre eventually intervened to bring the discussion back on track.

Ultimately, it wasn’t Biden’s remarks that generated the most buzz on the internet. Instead, it was the visible reactions on Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s face. As he stood behind the president, his expression seemed to convey deep emotion.

During that press conference, I half-expected him to give a silent plea for assistance. His demeanor was reminiscent of someone who’s faced multiple personal tragedies in a short span. All I could see was emptiness in his gaze.

Consider being a progressive advocate aiming to influence global events, despite the challenges that come with it, and then witnessing your leader’s evident lapses in judgment consistently hinder your efforts. Every day, those around Biden need to address his missteps, fervently wishing they remain under the radar. It’s a tough situation to be in.

During that press conference, Biden remarked that Hamas should “learn how to shoot straight.” However, this raises concerns as “shooting straight” implies rockets targeting Israel and potentially harming civilians.

The man speaks his mind without restraint. It’s akin to having an elderly relative in charge of the world’s most influential country. While one might be hesitant to trust him with mundane tasks, he’s at the helm of decisions that could shape global peace.

Nevertheless, Blinken made his decision. It was entirely his choice to take on his role, and he always had the freedom to voice his opinions. There came a time, and it was quite some time ago, when Biden’s team moved from being mere observers to being directly responsible. The global situation is spiraling out of control while they seem to prioritize retaining their own power, almost reminiscent of a “Weekend at Bernie’s” scenario. That said, if things are taking a downward turn, they might as well provide some spectacle.

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