An Unbelievable Act of Sabotage Severely Disrupted Europe’s Energy Infrastructure

Colonel Roman Chervinsky

Washington Post reports that a senior Ukrainian military officer, Colonel Roman Chervinsky, has been implicated in the bombing of the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines, a controversial act of sabotage that severely disrupted Europe’s energy infrastructure.

Officials from Ukraine and other European countries, along with knowledgeable sources, have disclosed Chervinsky’s central role in this covert operation. As a decorated 48-year-old veteran of Ukraine’s special operations forces, Chervinsky reportedly managed the logistics for a six-person team that executed the pipeline attack. Using a rented sailboat and deep-sea diving equipment under false identities, the team placed explosive charges on the pipelines, leading to significant damage on September 26, 2022.

This development connects Ukraine’s military and security leadership directly to the attack, which until now had multiple criminal investigations but no clear attribution. The sabotage left only one of the four gas links in the Nord Stream network operational, aggravating Europe’s energy crisis as winter loomed.

Chervinsky, taking orders from senior Ukrainian officials who reported to General Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine’s highest-ranking military officer, denies any involvement. His role, however, underscores the complex and often fraught dynamics within Kyiv’s wartime government, where tensions between the intelligence, military, and political sectors are evident.

Notably, Chervinsky has a background in both military intelligence and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). His past operations include efforts against pro-Russian separatists and a role in a plan to capture fighters from Russia’s Wagner mercenary group.

Currently, Chervinsky faces charges for a separate incident involving an alleged plot to lure a Russian pilot to Ukraine, leading to his arrest in April 2023. He has publicly criticized President Volodymyr Zelensky and his administration, even suggesting espionage within Zelensky’s circle.

The Nord Stream attack, which President Zelensky has publicly denied any Ukrainian involvement in, was apparently designed to bypass the president’s knowledge. U.S. and European officials have expressed concerns over such operations, fearing escalation in the ongoing conflict.

This report, resulting from a joint investigation by The Washington Post and Der Spiegel, raises serious questions about the extent and nature of Ukraine’s covert military operations and their impact on the wider geopolitical landscape.

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