An ‘Epstein-Like’ Trafficking Ring Busted Near DC with High-Profile Clients

brothel bust in DC

Sophisticated Sex Network Uncovered in Boston and DC, High-Profile Clientele Shrouded in Mystery

Federal prosecutors have uncovered a high-end brothel network operating out of luxury apartments in Boston and Washington, D.C. The announcement, made in a bombshell news conference on Wednesday, has left many unanswered questions, particularly about the identities of its high-profile clientele.

The network, described as “built on secrecy and exclusivity,” catered to a wide range of customers, including politicians, doctors, military officers, and professors. Despite the extensive client list, the identities of these sex buyers remain undisclosed. Federal authorities, during the news conference, stated that any arrests related to the purchase of sex would be handled at the state level. Currently, three individuals are facing federal sex trafficking charges.

Acting U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts, Joshua Levy, detailed the operation’s modus operandi. The brothel offered menus of predominantly Asian women, with services provided in rented luxury apartments in Cambridge, Watertown, Massachusetts, and northern Virginia. Clients, who included pharmaceutical executives, government contractors, lawyers, and even retail employees, paid up to $600 an hour under the pretense of modeling shoots. A membership fee and thorough verification, including driver’s license photos, were prerequisites for service access.

The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, responsible for prosecuting state crimes in Cambridge and Watertown, is yet to comment on whether charges will be brought forward in the investigation. However, sex trafficking survivors and a former prosecutor have called for the charging of the sex buyers, emphasizing the role of demand in fueling such illegal operations.

Law enforcement has been tight-lipped about the clients, only revealing that they were identified through various investigative methods, including surveillance and phone records. The clients would arrive at the apartments, where they were met by sex workers and offered amenities like mouthwash and a shower.

The investigation, initiated last summer from a local law enforcement tip, revealed the meticulous client verification process, which included sharing personal and financial information. The brothel’s operations were primarily based in a residential/commercial building in Cambridge, near commuter train tracks.

The three individuals charged in connection with the brothel are Han Lee, James Lee, and Junmyung Lee. Their legal representation and response to the charges remain unclear at this time.

This ongoing investigation promises more revelations, with potential additional arrests as the probe continues. Federal and state authorities are working closely to unravel the full extent of this clandestine network and hold those responsible accountable.

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