Americans Pay $75 Million a Month to House Illegals in One Famous Hotel

Roosevelt Hotel and Migrants

Migrant Crisis Overwhelms New York City Shelters

NEW YORK CITY — In a situation growing more dire by the day, the iconic Roosevelt Hotel, located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, now functions not as a luxury hotel but as a dual-purpose Arrival and Humanitarian Relief Center for thousands of asylum seekers. Despite the hotel’s staggering 1,025 rooms, they are all currently occupied, leading to a crisis where many migrants are left stranded on the city streets, searching for shelter.

With a price tag of approximately $75 million a month, American taxpayers are footing the bill to accommodate these families, a situation which has led to outcry from certain sectors of the community, pointing to the contrast of Americans sleeping on the streets while resources are being utilized in this manner.

The situation outside the Roosevelt Hotel is a stark testament to the magnitude of the problem. For days, migrants have stretched from the hotel’s south entrance on 45th Street, weaving their way up Vanderbilt Avenue and around 46th Street, only to conclude nearly at the hotel’s north entrance. With inadequate facilities, these migrants, many of whom are single men, resort to sleeping on cardboard and use umbrellas to fend off the blistering sun.

Fox 5 NY has reported that a majority of those outside, particularly families with children, are in queue for alternate accommodations. Fofana Hamed, a migrant from Ivory Coast, voiced his frustration, stating he’s been stranded for five days without proper facilities to groom or shower.

As NYC contends with the monumental task of caring for over 56,000 migrants — a number which swells daily — the pressure to expand the city’s shelter system is mounting. In the past, the city has successfully transformed hotels into makeshift shelters, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when hundreds of hotel rooms were repurposed as COVID wards. However, the inflow of migrants in recent times, many arriving by bus, has overwhelmed this system.

Despite the best efforts, Mayor Eric Adams’ office has expressed concerns that scenes like those at the Roosevelt might become an increasingly common sight. This assertion is only made more evident by testimonies like that of Omar Sall, who shared his experience of sleeping on the sidewalk for three nights. Although facing hardships, Sall expressed his gratitude towards the US, “But America is good. We like the country.”

On the legal front, the city is facing increasing scrutiny. New York City has a legal mandate to provide shelter to anyone who asks, a commitment it seems to be struggling with. The Legal Aid Society has sounded the alarm, hinting at potential lawsuits if the city’s obligation is not met. Joshua Goldfein of the Legal Aid Society suggested a potential solution, stating that “The federal government could solve the problem tomorrow by allowing people to work.”

The overarching sentiment remains one of hope mixed with desperation. While the city and its residents grapple with the escalating situation, the primary concern is clear: finding shelter and basic amenities for those in need. The days ahead will undoubtedly test New York City’s ability to manage this humanitarian crisis.

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    1. Time to change party affiliations Latino Democrat! I am also a hispanic but I never swallowed the KoolAid like some of my fellow members of my ethnic class.

  1. At a time when Americans are suffering with inflation and/or bankruptcy. At a time when American cities are full of Americas homeless. At a time when Social Security, Medicare and Pensions are running out of money it is incomprehensible that Biden would put illegals above the financial welfare of Americans.

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