A Newly Exposed Member of the Biden Crime Family…

Sara Biden

Trouble has followed Sara Catherine Jones Biden since she married into the Biden family almost three decades ago. From questionable business dealings to unpaid debts and taxes, Sara and her husband, Jim Biden, have been entangled in a web of financial controversies. Now, their connections to Joe Biden and a Chinese energy conglomerate, CEFC China Energy, have come under scrutiny by Republican lawmakers, who are investigating potential foreign influence-peddling and bribery.

In 1995, Sara joined the staff of one of then-Senator Joe Biden’s Senate donors, who later accused her of fraud and unjust enrichment. In the years that followed, Sara and Jim faced accusations of reneging on debts and failing to pay their taxes. They have also been linked to companies tied to foreign countries hostile to the United States, some of which have gone bankrupt.

The Bidens’ business dealings with CEFC China Energy have raised questions about their relationship with Joe Biden and whether they used their family ties to influence his decisions as Vice President. Between 2017 and 2018, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, sent large wire transfers to Sara and Jim’s Lion Hall Group, totaling $1.4 million.

In August 2017, Hunter Biden received $400,000 from a joint account he held with CEFC. Shortly after, Sara Biden withdrew $50,000 in cash from Lion Hall’s account and deposited it into her and Jim’s personal checking account. On September 3, 2017, Sara Biden wrote a check to Joe Biden for $40,000, labeled as a “loan repayment.” The amount matched a “10% held by H for the big guy” arrangement Hunter had made for Joe in the Chinese venture.

In March 2018, another personal check to Joe Biden, this one for $200,000 and made out in Sara’s handwriting, was cut on the same day Jim Biden received an equal amount from Americore Health, a hospital chain with which the Bidens were involved.

These transactions have raised red flags with Hunter Biden’s bank, Wells Fargo, which flagged them as potential financial crimes, including money laundering. The U.S. Treasury Department issued a series of suspicious activity reports. When asked about the large transfers by her bank, Sara Biden claimed they were for international consulting work, but she did not provide any supporting documentation.

The Bidens’ involvement with CEFC China Energy extended to a $100,000 line of credit an executive from the company opened for Hunter Biden in September 2017. Jim, Sara, and Hunter Biden used the credit cards for plane tickets, hotel rooms, and electronic devices, among other things.

Republican lawmakers and congressional investigators are now seeking to question Sara Biden about her role in the potential foreign influence-peddling scheme. They believe her involvement could compromise Joe Biden’s decision-making and threaten national security. They also want to understand how much interaction Biden has had with the Lion Hall Group while in office.

Investigators are particularly interested in the relationship between the Bidens and Mississippi lawyer Joey Langston. Between March 2016 and October 2016, Langston made four payments to Lion Hall totaling $187,000. The timing of these payments raises questions, as they occurred shortly after Langston lost his appeal to have his conviction for bribing a judge thrown out and his petition to have his criminal record cleared.

In conclusion, the Biden family’s business dealings, particularly with CEFC China Energy, have come under intense scrutiny by Republican lawmakers and congressional investigators. The potential foreign influence-peddling and bribery allegations could have serious implications for Joe Biden’s presidency and national security. As the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen what revelations will come to light and what consequences, if any, the Biden family will face.

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