13 Massive Topics the Media is Not Covering…

not covered media events

In today’s rapidly changing news landscape, it is imperative for the public to stay informed about various global and local events. Certain crucial topics are not getting the attention they deserve in mainstream media.

From alleged cover-ups in Maui to geopolitical intricacies in Ukraine and beyond, these are some of the key issues that many believe need more extensive coverage.

Platforms like X (formerly Twitter) have become invaluable in this regard, providing a space for citizen journalism. Here, individuals on the ground can directly share news-worthy events, offering real-time insights into real and uncensored news.

Take a look at the hashtags below and do your own research. Always be vigilant in search of truth and be aware that videos could be old, images can be fake. Take caution and be aware that mainstream media does not want you knowing about these 13 things but don’t be fooled by fake content. Welcome to information warfare…

  1. The media hasn’t covered the incident in Maui where families were burned to a crisp. #MauiCoverUp
  2. Lack of media coverage on the 1500 missing children in Maui. #missingchildrenMaui
  3. Media silent on Ukraine now. #Ukraine
  4. No media reports on AG finding nothing on Trump. #Trump
  5. Media is not talking about Hunter. #Hunter
  6. Media not discussing discovery of money laundering in Ukraine and where the money went. #moneylaundering
  7. Limited media attention on the border crisis. #BorderCrisis
  8. Media not covering issues related to illegal immigrants. #IllegalImmigrants
  9. Media silence on the Biden Crime Family. #BidenCrimeFamilyExposed
  10. Media not discussing Oprah’s activities in Maui. #Oprah
  11. Media not highlighting economic struggles in the US and Canada. #economy
  12. No major media coverage on drama involving the Speaker of the House. #Speaker
  13. The media hasn’t questioned the vulnerabilities of the Iron Dome and how the attack could have happened in the first place. #IronDome

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